By: Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO

Essentially you are selling yourself when you develop your personal brand. You are trying to make your accomplishments unique, original and consistent. You have to be known as an expert in your chosen area, and you want others to know who you are. Of course it will take some effort to brand your best self, but it is more than achievable with the use of several social media sites.

SC&C Establish a Brand_social mediaSeveral sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and others are all hot-wired together. This means you can showcase your professional image either by logging in separately to these accounts, networking and sharing your talent or by going to a site like Hootsuite where one entry can be posted to several of these sites. Think of this site as your command center for all of your social network accounts in a single area.

Either way, all of these sites will help you to establish your brand in the field, but make sure to move beyond the standard resume jargon. The market has a million or more people out there that are in tune with standing out from the crowd, so you need to be as well.

Try to have a blog, post regularly, create a professional portfolio using sites like Slideshare or WordPress and make sure to link it all to your social media sites. The best way to get others to notice you is to be into their work as well. If you have a company that you have been following make sure to post comments there, and soon they will take notice of your work, and thus the network has been created.

Do you know what else this means? The more work that you do on the Internet, the more exposure you will get. That way when an employer Googles your name, it will easily come up linked to your social accounts and from there you can most definitely get noticed. It can be overwhelming to keep up on all of these accounts so using an all-in-one site such as Hootsuite will make it easier for you.

SC&C Establish a Brand_Unique candidate (600 x 400)Also, attempt to see what makes you so much more special than another candidate. Do you have what it takes to really get a job accomplished? What industry knowledge do you have? What is the most admired quality that past employers said that you have had? These attributes all need to go into your brand. Have confidence in your abilities because if you do it will show and that is exactly what an executive job search needs.

The New York Times recently stated that “branding is something that we need to embrace wholeheartedly.” Sherry Beck Paprocki, co-author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Branding Yourself, stated, “If you don’t brand yourself, Google will brand you.” As an executive in a competitive market it is necessary to become an innovative job seeker. Adjusting your job search to put yourself out there as a brand is going to give you the advantage over others.