Why Persistence is Key for Successful Executives

According to entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Grow America founder, Alan Hall, the success of a business leader is largely based upon their level of persistence.  A thriving CEO never resigns to the challenges their goals may present; and it’s likely this very attribute that gives successful executives the necessary edge toward reaching their objectives.

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The most common challenges faced by business leaders and executives may be likely financial in nature, customer or personnel related, investor linked, or even based on handling the aftermath of a serious or unforeseeable business error.  Despite the cause, when a situation arises which seems to offer no viable alternatives, a true business hardship can ensue.  However, a dedicated executive knows that relinquishing to any obstacle is not an option, and as a result, their persistence must prevail even in the most taxing of circumstances.

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In this case, Hall suggests seven guidelines for business leaders to maintain their resolve and perseverance:

  1. Sustain a level of tranquility. Never panic, and don’t surrender to adversity. Have faith in your ability to reach a solution for a successful outcome.
  2. Give yourself time to contemplate the situation. Be sure you have gathered all of the necessary facts, and identify the causes and effects.
  3. Deliberate your options and consider all possibilities to resolve the crisis.
  4. Incorporate the advice of a trusted mentor to help you toward your decision.
  5. Integrate the help of your most talented employees.
  6. Make your decision and then take action.
  7. Assess results, and if they’re inadequate, try a different approach.

It’s crucial to remember that not all resolutions are reached on the first try, and this can often test the confidence and persistence of any individual, especially when the stakes (and numbers) are high.

Never Give Up Indicates Motivating Motivate And Determination

A truly persistent executive is also a creative and innovative leader.  Possessing an arsenal of methodologies to tackle a financially or interpersonally exigent circumstance will prove advantageous when faced with any business quandary.


Fred Coon, CEO


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