Visit to Monster Careers

With Fred Coon

Dear Readers:

What a trip! I have been in the “Monster’s Den.” While vacationing in Newberryport, Massachusetts, I was invited to visit with Doug Hardy, General Manager, in his offices at Monster Careers. As I drove through the area, I wished that I once again lived in the Connecticut area because I missed the trees, green grass, open fields and, believe it or not, the rain. At least I felt that way until I stepped out of my car and was thoroughly soaked and chilled as I walked to the Monster corporate offices in Maynard, MA. It was then that I missed the sunny skies of Phoenix, AZ. We humans are really funny, aren’t we. Wanting one thing and when we get it, we want something else. Oh well, maybe I am waxing poetic during this holiday season.

Doug was a truly gracious host and escorted me around the “shop” which I found fascinating, to say the least. Their offices are in an old weaving and manufacturing facility that made wool blankets during the Civil War and have been converted to sleek and utilitarian corporate offices housing a number of high-tech corporations.

I was thrilled to find that not only did Doug have a copy of my book, Ready Aim Hired, on his bookshelf, but so did three other staff members to whom I was introduced. Needless to say, I was greatly honored and humbled to find myself in such residence and in the company of other career books they valued.

We discussed some of the upcoming new, high-tech design, web-based training work we are doing at Stewart, Cooper & Coon and other items of mutual interest to us. What a thrill for me. Great visit, great company, a great company and time well spent.

To all those at Monster Careers and our SC&C Blog Readership, I wish you the very best for this holiday season and that you have a prosperous and successful New Year!