Valuable Advice from Successful Female Business Leaders

Embracing differences and understanding that unique abilities and viewpoints add value to any organization is a crucial part in overcoming any antiquated perspectives associated with the executive world.

There is a great deal to be learned from female business leaders who have not only experienced success in their field, but triumphed through specific hindrances often not experienced by their male counterparts.

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Yet, despite your status or stage in career, all business leaders can benefit from advice on how to advance within your profession. Nicole Fallon, writer and managing editor for Business News Daily gathered some indispensable recommendations from women who are leading in their industries.

Angie Hicks, Chief Marketing Officer of Angie’s List

As a shy college graduate with plans to become an actuary, Hicks was soon approached with the prospect of establishing the currently national online customer review service. Angie Hicks is emphatic on the importance of stepping out of your “comfort zone”. She attributes forcing herself to embrace the uncharacteristic concept of door-to-door sales with her success in starting the now-successful review platform.  Hicks says, “Don’t miss out on opportunities that come your way. Put yourself in a position to have those opportunities, know when one is facing you and take it”.

Sabrina Parson, Chief Executive Officer of Palo Alto Software

“Women shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for who they are and the skills they bring to the table,” states Parson. She continues that confidence is what will ultimately help professional women climb the corporate ladder and reach their desired level of success.  According to Parson, fear of navigating the executive realm can be one of the biggest hindrances to success.

Mally Roncal, Founder and CEO of Mally Beauty

Roncal is a firm believer that entrepreneurs and business leaders of any kind must have an undeniable belief in their vision for success. “You have to be realistic, but you also need blind faith that it’s going to work,” says Roncol. To get off the ground, Roncol insists getting “out of your own head and [listening] to your gut”.

Marygrace Sexton, Chief Executive Officer of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Co.

Despite any existing disparities or inequities, confidence and hard work are non-negotiable when it comes to leading your industry.  Sexton affirms, “From your wardrobe to your attitude, exude confidence”.  She continues, “Work the hardest and excel at what you do”.  She insists that the keys to success are standing up for your beliefs and being assured in your power to accomplish great things, in spite of adversity.

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