If you have found yourself aimlessly searching for new ideas to enhance your public relations tactics, it may be time to view your approach from an entirely new angle. Whether seeking to advance your own personal brand or that of your organization, it’s always important to remain fresh and innovative in your PR plans.

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The key to truly successful public relations is to remain open to inspiration without being afraid to think “outside of the box”.  Here, we explore the advice of PR and social media expert Catriona Pallard, who stresses the importance of creativity when devising your own PR routine.

1.  Embrace the visual.

The power of visualization is indisputable. In fact, recent research has even suggested that creating a mental picture can trigger similar brain activity as actual participation. “Be proactive and brainstorm ideas on a regular basis,” says Pallard. This is an effective way of conceiving ideas for articles and media content that will promote your business.

2.  Look beyond the obvious.

Once we are comfortable within our professional role, we tend to view the world from the standpoint with which we most closely identify. Yet, in order to devise an original design that will interest the masses, it’s often necessary to adjust your personal perspective. For example, when searching for unique content ideas, imagine yourself a journalist writing for a successful publication. What type of subject matter would most interest your readers? As Pallard suggests, “Start pretending more, and see what happens to your creativity and imagination”.

3.  Create a “quiet zone”.

Through silence, many great ideas have the opportunity to emerge, as emphasized by Pallard. Inventive thinking is at the core of an exceptional and powerful PR plan. However, if you do not have the space or opportunity to construct the necessary facets of your strategy, it’s next to impossible to progress to a new level in your public relations plan. Whether indoors or out, night or day, isolate a place and time where you can be free of interruption in order to effectively brainstorm. You may be surprised by the innovative ideas that flow.

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In Summary

The digital world is essentially a vast sea of brands and images, and consequently, the first stop for those seeking to promote their own brand or organization. If you can master the creative “art” of online PR, you have essentially conquered a key element of business promotions.


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