The Most Essential Factors in Executive Development

The Executive Development Associates Inc. (EDA) biannual survey indicates the most recent rising trends, expectations, strategies, and recommendations in executive development.

Consequently, the five most influential aspects in executive development are as follows:

  1. Addressing vital business challenges and issues
  2. Implementing technological awareness and proficiency
  3. Advancing abilities needed to create vision and accomplish working strategies
  4. Increase and enhance work productivity
  5. Generate a motivating vision with the ability to engage others

The priorities listed above have been recognized as crucial executive development goals for the next two to three years.  However, the EDA report signifies a notable disengagement between what is required (i.e., “visioning, and other necessities on which executive development centered programs are focused).

Essential Factors in Exec Devel - professional group at meeting

The Importance of Development

More organizations are identifying necessities which are not actually being addressed during current developmental focus sessions. If organizations could address this obvious gap, it would have a directly positive impact on the future development of valuable, influential leaders.

As of now, most organizations have shifted their focus toward strategies of executive development, while the actual development of future and current business leaders continues to be one of the most critical issues faced by organizations, especially in the coming years.

Recommendations in executive development aim to achieve the five objectives listed above, while including coaching, training, as well as developing an outlook of authority in up-and-coming leaders.

Vision Among Leaders

Also included in the survey is a foreboding description, signifying the capacity with which organizations are actually creating and implementing their channels of leadership.  According to current executives, spotlighted among the top most lacking proficiencies within the next generation is: The ability to “create a vision” and communicate ideas to others in an inspiring and engaging way. This talent has been considered the most important executive capability, yet is one that has been often overlooked for other leadership traits.

Leadership Pyramid Showing Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement

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Without “vision”, and the capacity to convey these very ideas in a motivating fashion, the future of executive leadership is left practically void of possibilities, both creative and practical.  According Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, authors of “The Leadership Challenge”, the power of “forward-looking” is one of the most essential qualities found in an influential leader.

Therefore, it is up to up to organizations to prioritize the visionary approach and expand upon promoting a mindset of perception and engagement among their emerging leaders.


Fred Coon, CEO

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