8 Ways Good SEO Practices Impact Your Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a frequently used term when developing web content. This is because SEO is crucial towards driving web-traffic and regular visitors to your site and, in turn… your business as a whole. Developing good SEO is all about knowing what and how people search. If you know how to tap into this, then your business will improve its searchability quotient, increasing the number of people who will find your site.

People typically search the internet when they have a problem that they need to solve. It is up to your website to determine how you can convey to a potential client that you will solve that problem. If you can arm yourself with the knowledge of how you will get searchers to find your site, then you will ultimately engage more clients.

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Exactly, what impact will SEO have on your business?

1.  SEO increases the likelihood that your brand is visible.

Organic traffic, or visits to a website from search engines rather than through a direct URL, is the dominant mode through which most people access a website. Google owns about 75 percent of the search market, which means it is of particular importance to adhere to those guidelines. If your website is visible through Google, it will be visible to a huge number of visitors. Maintaining a quality website and guaranteeing that you can be seen through this search engine will widely increase your visibility.

2.  Local SEO allows visitors in your area to find your business more easily.

If you are a small business, Local SEO allows you to take advantage of location data to optimize for a smaller, local audience. While it is best for some businesses to target a larger audience, it makes sense for smaller business to maintain a more local presence.

3.  It helps people trust your brand.

Having a webpage with high quality SEO means that your business will earn authority and credibility with Google, and therefore with searchers. There are a number of factors that go into establishing this authority, such as linking to other credible sites, a positive experience for the user, and consistent user engagement. Good SEO practices employ all of this to improve the business’s credibility. The more people who know and trust your brand or business, the more opportunities will arise.

4.  The payoff of SEO is generally very high.

Typically, SEO is affordable. And the benefits for properly using SEO are quite high. Effectively implementing SEO will be a business investment that reaps huge benefits for your bottom line. There is typically a payoff within the first year, but the impact will also last well into the future.

5.  Without SEO, you will not land on Page 1.

When somebody enters a search into Google, it’s uncommon for them to click through pages two or three. In fact, the first three search rankings result in 40 percent of all “click-throughs”. If the results are not on the first page, people often give up the search entirely or readjust the search terms. This means that in order to have a vibrant and visible online presence, your website absolutely needs to be on page one; and the higher up on page one, the better. Implementing SEO is what will allow your website to get there.

6.  You can measure your growth.

With proper use of analytics, you can determine how actions you take online affect your site’s visibility and traffic. SEO and digital performance rely on data, which means that you can accurately and effectively determine how to best boost your performance.

7.  Good SEO allows an improved connection with customers or clients.

Properly used SEO tactics will allow your business to engage with customers by providing them with information about products and services.  It will allow you to predict what research your potential audience is doing and to make sure that you are providing them with the answers to that research.

8.  Having good SEO practices also means improving user experience.

Websites that rank highly must also, by nature, provide a friendly user experience. This means that if you are improving your SEO rating, your website will also be improving. It implies that your website will be easy to read and to navigate, and that it can be easily read across multiple devices.

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Implementing high quality SEO practices into your business is a marketing investment that will surely reap massive benefits. While good SEO once consisted mainly of understanding the use of keywords, the practice has evolved to encompass a far more complicated understanding of the internet and those who search it. It’s critical for your business’s success that you maintain a firm hold on the changes and fluctuations of the internet, and make sure that you are well aware of how to keep your website, and your brand, visible to potential clients.


Fred Coon, CEO


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