The Evolving Journey of a Job Candidate

There are some paths through life that are often heavily tread and, by virtue of their familiarity, we are granted a greater level of insight into a depth of common ground that is typically absent. In these arenas, our shared experience allows for a step-by-step guide that helps ease the transition for new professionals beginning their journey. This piece highlights one such important path and lends a helpful understanding toward having a successful job-seeking search.


The world of job seeking has gone through a phenomenal shift in recent years. Over the course of a single generational gap, the landscape has changed so much as to render traditional methods utterly ineffectual–or simply nonexistent–while on the other side of the fence we see the ways by which a new generation of professionals had to figure out a new game with no playbook. It has taken quite a few years for the new understanding of the process to smooth out. Long gone are the days of ‘pounding the pavement’ or knowing you could land a position through sheer grit and persistence. Nowadays a great deal of the interpersonal factor has been removed until you’re already three-quarters of the way there.

The Modern Path

The modern path toward the successful job hunt can vary dramatically from company to company. An organization that hasn’t given the proper attention to its hiring touchpoints will be obvious from the start: They’ll lack social & professional media presence, display a lack of engagement, have high turnover rates, unimpressive websites, and (perhaps most blatantly) their incumbent employees’ attitude will reflect all of this. How a company handles getting up to speed in the internet-centric way of doing things transparently often determines the overall quality of its employees, as many established professionals will waste little time on a leaky ship.


The term “touchpoints” should be well familiar to anyone with any hiring or HR experience, but for the uninitiated, it refers to the ways by which a company connects to a prospective employee throughout the hiring process. In this case, more is by far better. In fact, research demonstrates that companies with a solid showing of touchpoints boast longer retention, better productivity, and higher levels of employee satisfaction. Aside from the obvious, this increasingly accepted approach marks a distinctive shift in corporate consciousness away from the, frankly toxic and unnecessarily superior, attitude of general dismissal that: “Individuals shouldn’t expect us to stay in contact with everyone that applies.” This manner of disconnect was incredibly prevalent in previous decades, but we’re pleased to see it eroding away into the dustbin along with other outmoded paradigms, and those companies that are stepping up their game are drawing a very notable lead ahead of those that do not.


In Summary

Employers should make a point to lead their organizations in a direction that is genuinely inclusive and creates an abundantly positive, professional environment; ultimately leading to a more loyal, productive work-staff. These markers allow job seekers to be choosy in deciding where they want to plant the flag of their career. Happy hunting!


Fred Coon, CEO 

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