Tech Career Forecast: 2019

Technology is rapidly changing. With new advancements, our lives are changing in small ways every day. With the progression of technology, it is essential that we progress as well. And this is especially true within the workforce. While it may be particularly important for tech employees to maintain a constantly evolving knowledge of technology, it is also important for workers in every other sector.Tech Careers - Blue Graphic

Most jobs will be impacted by technology in one way or another, so continuously learning about these changes and developments will make every employee a more valuable asset. Whether you are pursuing a career in tech, or you simply need to maintain a working knowledge of these technological advancements, this list will help you to see what the future in tech holds.

Our technological predictions for 2019:

Artificial Intelligence is a technological development that’s been getting major buzz in recent years. Artificial Intelligence is, essentially, is a computerized mechanism designed to reflect human intelligence. AI has become a part of our lives in ways we may not even be aware of, and it will only continue to grow increasingly common in the coming years.

One of the most talked about segments of AI is Machine Learning. Machine learning is where computers learn by finding new data patterns and gaining insights from those patterns. For example, machine learning is used for powering web search results and ads.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to do certain, more repetitive acts that people used to be responsible for in a business. These actions can include anything from handling data to responding to emails. While complete automation through RPA can be perceived as a threat to workers in all spheres, it is also creating jobs within the technological sphere. And, very few jobs are actually going to be completely automated. There will just be added elements of automation to existing jobs.

Blockchain is a word that many people have heard, but that few fully understand. A blockchain offers an increased layer of security to data because it is data that can never be altered or taken away from. It can be added to, which is why it uses the word “chain.” Blockchain will likely be used with very important data, such as that of the medical field. It will also be used to protect important assets.

Internet of Things: The “Internet of Things” almost sounds like a fake phrase. But it’s not. The internet of things (IoT) is a major part of our technological future. Basically, it allows your “things” to connect to the internet. This means that you can remotely lock your doors with IoT, and many of your home appliances run on IoT.

Cyber Security is not necessarily new, but it is in increasingly high demand. Hackers and other security threats are ever-present, and therefore there is a need for highly trained workers within the cyber security markets.

Tech Careers - Typing Virtual GraphVirtual Reality is the immersion of a user into an environment. While we may associate virtual reality with video games, it actually serves a more practical purpose too: It can be used in various training scenarios involving, for example, military and medical training. Because of its enormous potential in so many sectors, jobs within virtual reality are rapidly increasing.

What does this means for the future of our careers? What will happen to our jobs?

While many people fear that the advancement of technology is killing jobs in favor of increased automation, there are also a number of jobs that have been created as a result of these developments. Here are a few of the jobs that will be very in demand come 2019.

The Most in Demand Jobs in Tech for 2019

  1. Cybersecurity engineer. As we mentioned above, security is a huge concern that only keeps growing. As a result, companies are looking to find new ways to protect their consumers and keep their products safe. Especially those products involved with the Internet of Things.
  2. AI Engineer. Artificial Intelligence is going to be a way that companies really boost business. As a result, AI experts are in high demand.
  3. Data Scientist. Because companies are nearly all collecting data, they need someone who knows what to do with this information.
  4. Python Developer. Because there is a massive need for python developers, it is the the program language that is growing the fastest.
  5. Java Developer. Although Python is the fastest growing programming language, Jave is still dominating.
  6. Cloud Engineer. There has been a huge surge in the jobs that require cloud technology experience in recent years.

The tech sector is expanding, evolving, and creating new developments every single day. This means that our careers and job opportunities will expand along with it. It is important for us to maintain a working knowledge of these advancements because tech will undoubtedly play some sort of role in our work lives. Knowing what is happening in the technology sector will make us more valuable employees in the current work world.


Fred Coon, CEO


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