Six Qualities All Successful CEOs Have In Common

It’s not a coincidence that certain qualities possessed by many well-known, successful CEOs seem to overlap and intersect.  While our executive readership may recognize these characteristics within themselves, those who are perhaps in need of a mid-career refresh may find a welcome set of helpful reminders to aid them toward their ultimate goals.  In fact, even aspiring executives should also take note of these particular factors shared by the most successful CEOs.

Successful CEOs Have in Common - Group of profession men and women

1.  Accountability

Thriving CEOs know the capacity of influence they carry within their organization and often within their industry, and hold complete responsibility and accountability for their decisions.  CEOs with accountability are outcome-driven, not blame-driven. They are also clear on their expectations, whether they are dealing with customers, employees, peers or board members.

2.  Confidence and Self-Belief

While these qualities are likely a given in any vocation, CEOs often have to take a “leap of faith” to reach their desired results, therefore, possessing an unwavering belief in your mission is crucial.  However, since true confidence is usually the result of knowledge and hard work, invest your resources wisely to help increase your own value as a CEO through research and education.  Also, be sure to embrace both positive and negative feedback, taking it seriously, but not always personally.

3.  Professional/Personal Life Balance

This is a subjective aspect, since what is considered balanced for one individual may be the complete opposite for another.  Therefore, it is important for successful (and aspiring) CEOs to honestly assess their levels of satisfaction within all sections of their life.  If one or more areas are suffering, make the necessary changes by setting goals, delegating when necessary, and accepting that achieving a true balance between your personal and professional life will likely be a “trial-and-error” process; albeit with positive results.

4.  Humble, yet Dignified

The most consistently successful CEOs reached their status through smart decision-making.  Remember your original reasons for wanting to lead a prosperous company, and realize that the influence you hold as leader in your field will be evident simply through the way your company thrives and conducts business.  Therefore, CEOs who decide to seek “fame” through gimmicky media exploits (and this includes social media) are essentially not doing themselves or their organization any favors.   Good business practices speak for themselves.

5.  Strategic

Without proper planning skills and an organized approach toward success, no CEO will stand a chance in the competitive corporate world.  The art of strategy takes practice, but with a realistic sensibility and an accurate assessment of the current status of your business as well as the market in which it operates, you will undoubtedly become successfully strategic CEO.

6.  Inspiring

Hopefully, a CEO can influence his or her work staff to be as devoted and passionate about their organization as they are.  Business leaders who inspire are fair-minded and fun to work for.  They lead by positive example, and show their employees that success breeds rewards.

Successful CEOs Have In Common - Success Vector

The Takeaway

Whether you are a new or established executive, it is safe to say that a successful CEO is also a respected one.  Keeping these attributes in mind when running your business will not only help you join the ranks of the most successful CEOs, but provide you with a sense of well-earned esteem and accomplishment.



Fred Coon, CEO 

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