101 – Sexual Harassment Series (101 – 107)

This is a 7 part series on Sexual Harassment. It is best to begin with episode 101 and continue through the series numerically. What does a manager or a business owner need to know? Find out why we challenge that sexual harassment isn’t really even about sex.

101 – What Is Sexual Harassment?

102 – Misconduct in the Workplace

What constitutes unacceptable conduct in the workplace? How is it perceived from both corporate and legal viewpoints? What is behind the momentum behind the current women’s movement and what are the real rules: looks, clothing, behavior, life style, and so much more…


103 – The Important Fall Hard

We are seeing more and more senior executives and famous people be terminated or resign, because of accusations of sexual harassment. What constitutes guilty? How does the company keep from being sued if they are wrong or make the wrong termination decision?


104 – Man vs Woman – Man vs Man – Boss vs Employee

Lisa Barrington, HR Expert and attorney Susan Savit, iscuss in-office relationships and the scope of sexual harassment issues faced in today’s workplace.


105 – How to Prevent Sexual Harassment

What do employers, workers and families need to do to reduce sexual harassment claims and, more importantly, how do policies and their implementation need to be structured to make sure that sexual harassment is prevented in a company?


106 – Who Has What Rights

What are the rights of an accuser. What are the rights of the accused? How are proper investigations conducted? What makes something too sensitive vs sexual harassment.


107 – Binding Arbitration Agreement

What are the rules and how to they apply, to both the individual and to the company? Is there an appeal process? What are your rights?