Second Interview Tips: How to Show You’re a Great Fit for the Job

Earning a second interview for a position can be even more traumatic than the first. Even though you are moving along in the process, and the employer seems to recognize your potential, the pressure is on to “up-the-ante” while providing clear evidence that you are the right person for the job.

Second Interview Tips - Woman and man speaking to professional

Some food for thought:

The job isn’t yours just yet.

You can’t assume that simply because you scored the second interview that the job is already in the bag. Go in with confidence, be professional, but keep your ego in check. Try to get a feel for what it would be like if you actually did work there.

Think about what you didn’t discuss in the first interview.

After your first interview, you will likely have some questions. Think about any details about the position that you need to be clarified or responses from the first interview that can be expanded on. If you took any notes the first time around, review them in detail to see what you can add or append. Think about what wasn’t said and try to fill in the gaps.

Take this opportunity to set yourself apart.

During a second interview, you will be presented with vastly different questions than you encountered in your first. This is a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your character and personality, especially with regard to how you cope with potentially difficult situations.

Some of the areas you might discuss include:

  • How you respond to adversarial workplace situations
  • How you have learned from past mistakes or miss-steps
  • How you manage to rise above conflict

These are all areas that are considered advantageous in the workplace, as it shows you can work with a range of people. Showing that you can look beyond personalities is a strong indicator that you will not use such an excuse for a lack of progress. An ideal candidate is one who is not afraid to advocate for their own concerns but that is also sensitive to those of others.

Find out more about the company.

If this is your dream job, you may already know a great deal about the company, but even so, it pays to do a little research into whom you are meeting with and who the other stakeholders are within the organization. If you already know who you are meeting with, try to find out more about them before you arrive at the second interview. Knowing their professional history with the company shows you are engaged in the process and will impress the right people.

Second Interview Tips - Man shaking hands with professional


Make an impression on everyone you meet.

Your second interview is a chance for you to reinforce the great impression you made on the first. Strive to make a connection with everyone you meet and demonstrate how helpful you can be in supporting them in their own roles. If you are viewed as somebody who can potentially make others’ jobs easier, you will be seen as a team player who is invested in the process.


Fred Coon, CEO

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