Hire the EQ not the IQ

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Turnover costs U.S. Businesses over $350 Billion, annually. Tired of turnover in your company? Then hire for the right “fit” – something critical to your bottom line. This book gives you explicit questions to ask candidates about their EQ, “Emotional Quotient.” This book is for those who hire and/or manage people. To receive your FREE copy of this highly recommended book, go to the right side of this page and subscribe to Workplace Strategies, a comprehensive array of articles, podcasts and other amazing resources. We NEVER provide your information to anyone, period!

Managing Multi-Generations For Profit Harmony – A FREE publication. Turnover costs Five Times more than the salary.  Turnover among Millennials is huge, Boomers feel threatened, the Z’s have a whole different take on work.  Here they are, all under one roof and you, the manager, are expected to make it all work.  This White Paper explores and addresses the built-in generational barriers that managers must face; the assumptions and prejudices each generation brings to the corporate table must be overcome. This paper gives the reader tactics to help them balance corporate performance expectations and the reality of making this happen. Receive your FREE copy. Click on the red button subscribe to, The US At Work, which is rated in the top 15 work-related podcasts on the web.

The Workplace Strategies Quarterly Resource Guide – This comprehensive Job & Career Transition Guide and is FREE.  Here are a few of the subjects and resources found in in this FREE publication: Career Books & Authors, Classified Ads & Media Board Sites, Coaching & Career Development Sites, Company Research & Other Helpful Links, Extended Leave, Job Testing & Assessment Sites, Military Resources, Career Transition and Job Hunt Ideas, Health and Wellness Guides, Financial Resources, Newspaper Articles & Journals, Non-Profit Sites, International Career Resources, Resume Posting & Job Sites, Resume Writing, State-By-State Job Boards, and Ideas an Help For Students. A special bonus – Podcasts on Management and Leadership, Job & Career Transition, Military Transition.  It is updated quarterly. To receive your FREE copy of this highly recommended guide, go to the right side of this page and subscribe to Workplace Strategies. We will notify you quarterly about new updates to this comprehensive resource guide. Available in June.

LinkedIn Secrets – Webinars – 13 powerful webinars with the latest LinkedIn secrets and tips for designing, building and managing your LI profile. Purchase all 13 and receive a free online copy of the best-selling book, Leveraging LinkedIn For Job Search Success – 2019. Or, you can purchase each webinar separately and only order what you need.

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Leveraging LinkedIn For Job Search Success – 2019

FREE with the purchase of the LinkedIn Secrets Webinars.  This is your chance to get a FREE copy of this best-selling book authored by Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & coon, Andrew Ko, a long-time retained search recruiter, and Kelly Stewart, a LI expert who has spent years advising clients on designing, building, and properly managing their profile to attract company and recruiter attention.  This has the latest tips, secrets, and tools to help your LinkedIn profile get noticed by corporations and recruiters. You may purchase the online version or receive your FREE copy with the purchase of all 13-narrated webinars.

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Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute –The easiest to follow, most valuable book ever written on negotiating your salary. This is the only book Stewart, Cooper & Coon gives to each executive client on serious negotiating tactic. It is a must read.

Conquer Your Yips – Attention All Golfers! Chuck McConnell’s book takes lessons from the golf course and the 19 th hole and help you how to get out of your own way, as you advance your career.  If you’re actively looking for work or seeking to make a change, you know it can be quite stressful–it’s similar to the uncomfortable feeling, or “yips,” that most golfers experience on the course.  Amateur golfer and career transition expert, Chuck McConnell, uses his twenty years in career services and job transition, compares these two stresses to help job hunters, golfers and non-golfers alike, improve their perspectives while locating and securing great jobs.