Recruiter Confidence Index Report: October 2017

One of our primary services has always been to provide our clients and partners with a reliable roadmap and forecast of the economic environment that lies ahead. Establishing topography of dependability and confidence is vital to the health of the industry and our ability to respond appropriately to changing indicators. Our targeted surveys show that executive recruiter sentiment remains fairly bullish for the next six months–by which we mean that the projections indicate that over 65 percent of high-level executive recruiters are highly confident that executive recruitment will rise in the following year.

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Where does this sense of ‘bullishness’ come into play and why is it a good thing? Well, we see it as indicative that not only are we seeing the highest levels of confidence demonstrated by executive recruiters in nearly seven years, but only 9 percent of recruiters suggested that they were not confident the market would improve. In fact, overall executive recruiter response shows an expected increase in search assignments rising about 15 percent this year.

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Now, in a more reflective consideration, we note that our Executive Job Creation Index for October came in at +17, which is down seven points from our +24 high-mark reached in the previous month, September. Although a conservative estimate, this data indicates to us that executive recruiters can expect approximately one in five companies to be adding executive jobs in the next six months.

Meanwhile, and moving on, we have seen the number of positions landed and executive jobs searched for, in our extended community alone, increase by more than 25 percent in the last year alone.

Executive recruitment is moving forward at a powerful clip and the economic landscape is promisingly bright as we prepare to step into the next year.


Fred Coon, CEO

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