Positions that Drink the Most Coffee

By: Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO

Coffee is the lifeblood that flows through the workforce. It is an energy source that cannot be beat, and its scent says to the world, we are working hard. It makes a worker perk up for that first call and the rest.

Recently, Dunkin Donuts and Careerbuilder reported that 43% of people are not productive without a cup of coffee. Those who make coffee part of the day drink two or more and 28% of those drink three or more. This is the fuel of the workplace. Statistics have shown that food service workers, scientists, sales representations, marketing professionals, nurses, writers, business executive, teacher and engineering technicians drink the most coffee comparatively.

Coffee is not the only drive that the workplace needs to be motivated they need a top notch and flowing team. The primary reason that people drink coffee on the job is to energize themselves to counter seemingly mundane tasks. Employers have long recognized the benefits of providing employees with coffee. Most large insurance companies provide a plethora of caffeinated options in their break rooms. Without it, surely job performances would suffer.

Coffee is part of the ever-consuming workplace, and as an executive job seeker, it’s not a far-fetched tale that you have gotten used to that pep and perk it provides. We must ask ourselves, “What did they ever do before coffee?” Certainly for most Americans tea does not perform as fast as its counterpart, however many English business executives would disagree with that.

Statistics show:

  • 63% of workers who drink coffee actually drink two cups or more.
  • The majority of younger workers need coffee for energy and imitation. They are aged 18-24 and are less productive without coffee, according to research.
  • 55% of all workers claim to drink at least one cup of coffee every day.
    • 64% in the Northeast.
    • 51% in the South and Midwest.

Other interesting statistics:

  • The workers who are less productive are largely female at an astonishing rate of 47%. Why do males drink less than female executives? It may be due to the fact that statistically, more females are in food service and teaching careers.
  • Most people like their coffee black and bitter. The group with the highest percentage of bitter coffee lovers goes to the field of law: judges and lawyers.
  • Editors and writers like cream and sugar and a little more flavor.
  • The number one drinker of coffee is the scientist or lab technician. Maybe it is the late hours or the demanding career.
  • The skilled tradesperson has the least amount of coffee intake.

The overarching result of the survey was that those who sit longer at their chairs are prone to drinking more coffee than those that are moving and mobile. It’s simply math and logic – if you are a worker who needs their hands and works at a physically active pace, it makes sense that your body will naturally move and produce more energy in the long run.