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117 – Sexual Harassment – Accuser vs Accused

Sexual Harassment is real. Daily, accuser vs accused plays out in small and large corporations across America and in courts. Fred Coon interviews Dennis Niermann, an attorney who has adjudicated 500+ sexual harassment cases, both as an attorney […]

211 – Personal Brand – The What, The Why, and The How

A personal brand is the difference between priority consideration and being another “also ran.” What are the five components of a personal brand? When the personal brand is developed, how does a job seeker use their personal brand […]

210 – Help Me Help You – An Executive Recruiter Tells Job Seekers How To Work With A Recruiter.

Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, speaks out on how a job seeker can help the recruiter help them. Recruiters play an important role in any job search. But, it isn’t a matter of […]

209 – LinkedIn: Getting What You Want From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful search tool on the planet for recruiters and HR folks. Any job seeker wishing to find a contact at a company, or wishing to expand their brand, must be on LinkedIn. This […]

207 – How To Handle Your Termination Meeting

Your boss, or HR, calls you into their office. They hand you your termination packet. What you say and do next will have a great impact on references, relationships, and possibly your re-hire-ability. There are legal issues and management issues, […]