Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part III – Knowing Your Value

Welcome to the third and final part of our series, where we have been investigating three prominent factors faced by former military members transitioning to civilian employment. In examining the knowledge of experts, and most specifically, veterans who have obtained success in the face of certain roadblocks, we have discovered [...]

8 Non-Traditional Interview Questions – and How to Handle Them

Job-seekers are, by now, familiar with traditional interview questions, such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “How do you handle conflict?” “Do you work well with a team?” While these questions may still play a role in interviews, recruiters are becoming more and more [...]

Revisiting the Basics When Creating Your Personal Brand

Anyone who has spent more than a moment in the executive business realm has likely encountered the term, “personal branding”.  Years ago, personal branding may have included little more than a well-designed business card. However, in today’s media-rich and increasingly personalized society, developing an effective [...]