Organizational Development and Retained Search: What is the Connection?

Embracing the need for organizational change and development is a crucial factor toward the success of any business. A company that adapts to an ever-changing corporate climate and the evolving needs of its employees is, by definition, a strong organization. Strategizing, promoting, and implementing the types of changes that will benefit all angles of your company in a meaningful and effective way will undeniably create an organizational culture that is both positive and encouraging.

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It is these strong organizations, specifically, which will attract and retain the top new talent emerging on today’s job market horizon. As Baby-Boomers retire, Generation Xers and Millennials (and even early cohorts of Generation Z) continue to dominate the employment landscape. However, as employees “grow younger”, priorities have shifted from that of their older counterparts. In fact, recent studies have indicated that over the last six years, a rapidly increasing percentage of college graduates are now placing “company culture” at the top of their job-search list requirements. Above all, younger workers prefer progressive companies where they feel engaged, and also challenged to make use of their skills and strengths as contributing, effectual, and valued team members.

Many employers have learned to recognize the mindset and ethos of today’s corporate up-and-comers, and have modified their recruitment strategies in accordance. Companies that have stayed ahead of the beat in their organizational development strategies are able to showcase the desirability of their corporate culture on their websites and social media pages. As a result, these progressive companies hold an increasingly strong advantage in the world of retained search. It is through this attention to organizational culture that companies are standing out among the masses in the employment marketplace.

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It seems that most young professionals have “outgrown” the desire to read traditional job descriptions which do not somehow hint toward a company’s culture or general atmosphere. The ability to create an inviting “aesthetic” via the world-wide-web has raised the bar for what makes a company a sought-after place of employment. Retained search firms have quickly taken notice of this, and now even refer to a positive “company culture” as one of the more important attributes among clients.

The bottom line is that organizational development and retained search do indeed share common ground; and that ground is company culture. Those organizations which take into account the evolving needs of their employees when strategizing their own developmental changes will undoubtedly see success within a continually progressing marketplace. After all, the most important feature of any company is people.

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