Although you may possess every bullet-pointed skill listed in the last job posting you nine-qualities-employers-seek-three-business-men_two-in-backgroundreplied to, there are still some valuable, and commonly sought, traits that employers may not be including in their job listings. Quite often, it’s only after our interview, that we discover how integral many of these qualities actually are to employers.

While there are innumerable examples, we’ve compiled a list of nine of the most desired traits exhibited by great employees across the board. 

1.  Determined

When a situation goes awry, an employee who remains steadfast and unwavering is preferred.  Smart employees know that determination is the only path to reaching desired results.

2.  Honest

Without question, employers want workers they can trust.  Employees should have the capacity to own up to their mistakes, and show sincerity in all aspects of their job.

3.  Decisive

Employers appreciate a worker who can make difficult and strategic decisions.  Being able to analyze a situation and arrive at a firm and competent conclusion shows confidence, intelligence, and strength of character.

4.  Good Natured

This may seem simple enough, but employees who possess an amiable nature are more likely to adapt to different corporate cultures and successfully collaborate with a broader group of individuals.

5.  Strong Work Ethic

Do you care about results and arrive on time?  Employees with a strong work ethic maintain deadlines and are invested in their roles within the organization.  Employers notice and appreciate workers who exhibit a powerful work ethic.

6.  Creative

Innovative workers are imperative to the success of any organization, so when an employer notices someone with fresh ground-breaking ideas, it’s certain they will be a valued member of the team.

7.  Self-Disciplined

Employers are grateful for any worker who can maintain control of their words and actions, especially during tense or delicate situations.  Plus, employees who can be relied upon to remain on task, without constant supervision, are assets to any company.

8.  Independent Thinker

While companies seek employees who will follow the rules, they do appreciate workers who will offer their input if they notice something wrong.  Although your boss may be pleased with your agreeability, he or she will be thankful for your capacity to read an important situation from a different perspective.

9.  Good Communicator

Effective communication is one of the cornerstones of a successful team.  Employees who facilitate the flow of important information, through both effective listening and clear conveyance of details, are ideal team members.

nine-qualities-employers-seek-group-of-professionals-sitting-at-tableWhat’s next?

If you’re wondering how to let your prospective employer know that you do possess these, and many more, positive employer-friendly attributes, consider working them into your cover letter and interview responses as key descriptive terms.  Indicating that you are capable of meeting more than just the printed job requirements speaks volumes about your talent and competency as an employee, which is exactly what employers are looking for.

Fred Coon, CEO


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