Looking Ahead: 8 Part-Time Jobs That Are Perfect for Seniors

At SC&C, we aim to assist job-seekers in all aspects of their employment journey. However, as retirement grows closer, some may realize that they are not quite ready to sit back.

Post-retirement employment certainly does not have to be (no should it be) grueling or stressful. Nevertheless, the right activities can offer seniors an opportunity to remain engaged while still earning some extra income.  Guest writer and creator of SeniorFriendlyInfo.com, Sharon Wagner, provides some great employment ideas for seniors.

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Not every senior dreams of spending decades in idle retirement. Many older people enjoy the challenge of work and find that it helps them stay sharp and active. A part-time role is an ideal solution, giving you work and extra money while still allowing you to enjoy your free time. Stuck for ideas?

Here are a few roles that make great part-time jobs for older adults.

1.  Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is perfect for seniors because, by the time you hit retirement age, you have probably gained a considerable amount of expertise in something. This means you can write about a particular subject better than most people, which is a very strong selling point. There are plenty of freelancing platforms out there — those with more writing experience should try for those which screen their candidates. Otherwise, you can build up a portfolio on free platforms.

2.  Consultant

If you have recently retired but you miss your career, setting yourself up as a consultant is a great way to keep working in your field. You choose your own projects and clients as well as your hours, usually for higher pay. The average consultant salary across all sectors is $75,000, with management and business consultancy averaging above $90,000.

3.  Dropshipping

For the more tech-savvy and entrepreneurial senior, dropshipping is an easy way to start an online business with very little start-up costs. It works like this: you set up an online store, choose which items you want to sell, and they hold the inventory for you. When a customer places an order, the distributor ships it straight to them. You can sell essentially anything via dropshipping, from pet supplies to watches, beauty products, and car parts.

4.  Customer Service Representative

If you’re a people person, customer service is for you. However, keep in mind that many customer-facing roles in areas such as retail involve a lot of standing and physical discomfort. At-home telecommuting roles may be more convenient for seniors, and it requires very little set-up. This guide to at-home customer service roles from the The Work at Home Wife has everything you need to know, from average pay to standard requirements.

5.  Tutor

Since many tutors are young people with little experience, seniors are at an advantage in this space. A certified teacher can charge as much as $85 an hour for their tutoring, which can result in a pretty steady income. Even if you don’t have a background in teaching, your professional background can still help you command higher fees. Many parents, for instance, will pay more to have an experienced engineer help their kid with science and math subjects.

6.  Dog Walker

Yes, it is possible to monetize your love of dogs. Dog walkers start out with relatively low salaries, but they can build these up with experience and by scheduling multiple clients at the same time. It’s a particularly great gig for seniors since it forces you to get out of the house and get some exercise. Websites like Wag make it super easy to get started.

7.  Events Staff

Working events can be exciting, especially for culture lovers, as you often get to enjoy the event itself. You can either look for part-time roles at your local theatre, music venue, or conference space, or sign up for a temp agency that specializes in this area. With an average pay of $12.64 an hour, it won’t make you rich, but it can be a fun way to make some extra cash.

8.  Childcare

People tend to think of teenagers when they think of babysitters, but chances are you have a lot more experience dealing with kids. If you miss spending time with children (maybe the grandkids are all grown up?), you can make some nice side money by babysitting or nannying. Also, studies have shown that spending time with kids can be good for seniors’ health!

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Working during retirement can give you a sense of purpose and achievement, while also helping you make extra cash for treats like vacations. Don’t worry too much about your “employability”— employers appreciate experience and drive, no matter the age. Whatever your passions and background, there is sure to be a job out there for you.


Written by: Sharon Wagner


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