Job Spotlight — VP of Global Markets, Portland, OR

Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc.
August 2013 to July 2014


Job Spotlight is a Stewart, Cooper & Coon supply and demand data resource focusing on specific titles and geographies. This tool is designed to assist you as you outmaneuver your competition.

The data are designed to give you a view of the market and competitive trends for senior-level positions. By identifying your competition, as well as who is seeking talent for this level of executive employment, you will be better positioned to take advantage of this knowledge and plan your search strategies accordingly.

Report Focus

For all of you Vice Presidents of Global Markets in Portland, Oregon, here are some facts for the period of August 2013 to July 2014. During this period, there were 891 active candidates looking to secure a position as a Vice President of Global Markets, and there were 1102 job postings during that same time period. In other words, there were approximately 20% more jobs listed for the job seekers at this level and 28,0764 in the Total Available Workforce for Vice President of Global Markets in Portland, OR.

A job posting is a channel through which human resources or a recruiter posts all of its available vacancies on job boards or internally in order to give an opportunity to its existing employees or outside competition. Competition is getting hotter. What are you doing to sharpen your edge to secure that Vice President of Global Markets title?

Demand/Job Posting Trends: Active Workforce Trends Over Last 24 Months

The demand for Vice President of Global Markets has been sharply rising.SC&C VP Global Markets job demand

Salary Range For Vice President of Global Markets, Portland, OR, During the Sample Period

$122,000 25th Percentile
$190,000 50th Percentile
$230,000 75th Percentile

Companies Posting Jobs

Below are the top 10 companies posting Vice President of Global Markets positions as open during this time frame and the number of jobs listed during this time period. Of course, there were many more companies, but these are in our reporting database.*

SC&C VP Global Markets top company posters

Top Job Titles Posted By CompaniesSC&C VP Global Markets top job titles

Top Cities Near Portland, OR, with Job Postings for Vice President of Global Markets in the Last Year

Portland, OR (65)
Salem, OR (16)
Hillsboro, OR (8)
Beaverton, OR (7)

Relocation Data

The percentage of Vice President of Global Markets who are willing to relocate is low; this may be the edge you need.SC&C VP Global Markets willing to relocate

Experience & Education Levels For Executives Searching at Vice President of Global Markets Level

Based on the 110 active job seekers searching for the Vice President of Global Markets position, the following graph shows us that the highest percentage of job seekers with 21+ years of experience is 55.7% and the lowest percentage of experience is 11–15 years at 10.1%:SC&C VP Global Markets Years of Experience

The most common education level is a Master’s Degree at 50.7%:SC&C VP Global Markets Education Level

*Data Source and Use Notifications 1) The supply data set is a combination of job seeker activity generated on and CareerBuilder niche sites. This includes all candidates who a) create a new resume, b) apply to a job using a saved resume and/or, c) modify a resume. 2) Demand data set is the count of job postings across the Internet from multiple websites, provided by Wanted Technologies. The figures contain no duplicate records from any database; as a result, the number is the accurate set of job postings for our job search. 3) Labor Pressure is the percentage of supply versus demand. 4) The total available workforce data is in lieu of the 135 million worker profiles that CareerBuilder’s partner, EMSI, consolidates and categorizes into the Standard Occupational Classification system. 5) No person, company or entity may sell, transfer or assign the report or any of the data provided in same to any third party without the express written authorization of Stewart, Cooper & Coon. No person, company or entity may remove or modify any branding, marks, copyright or trademark notices, or any other notices or disclaimers set forth in any of this data or report without Stewart, Cooper and Coon prior written consent, or otherwise modify the data or the contents of this data or this report in any way so as to falsely or otherwise misrepresent its content. Data and graphs supplied by CareerBuilder.