Job Search Tool — YouTube

By: Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO

Like the 1980s song, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” video is now killing, or replacing, reading. Between digital television and Internet videos, more and more people aYouTube job search tool SC&Cre watching everything rather than picking up a newspaper or magazine. Just look at how far down subscription rates are. It seems like reading is on back burner, except when it comes to job searches.

Most job seekers are still utilizing the limited traditional outlets to find a job rather than tapping into multiple channels, literally, to find a job posting or make a contact. For example, YouTube can be an excellent resource in your job search. Granted, YouTube is mostly for watching cats riding on a roomba or Daily Show clips. But, many corporations are using the web site to market and promote their services and products, which makes these channels an effective tool for job seekers.

YouTube logo SC&CThese company-established channels include a variety of information, including financial updates, product demos, organization trends, new partnerships, Board of Directors information, CEO and staff interviews, and current news. Watch these channels as a job seeker and carefully glean what is being said to discover if certain departments are expanding or being added, offices opening in new locations, names mentioned that could become a contact, or even what positions they might be hiring for.

The videos can illustrate the company’s culture, which can help you decide if you even want to apply at this company. Remember, though, most of these channels are being created and managed by public relations or marketing departments, so make sure to have your critical thinking hat firmly on to separate what is reality and what is spun.

Besides the company-sponsored channels, you may uncover videos about the company from another perspective. Former employees, industry analysts or even customers may have posted a review or a rant. You can then watch these videos to see if what the organization is marketing matches well with what others are saying.

Ultimately you want to develop an overall informative and impartial opinion of the business. You don’t have to pour through pages of a company’s web site or flip through an annual report to get an impression of how well a company is doing. Check out YouTube to improve your job search knowledge and you might be surprised at what you uncover.