In What Areas are Executive Recruiters Seeing the Most Growth and Potential Clients?

Executive recruiters are engaged throughout the entire process of hiring, which largely includes leading detailed interviews and introducing clients to qualified selected candidates. The main goal of executive search firms is to locate candidates who meet all specialized job requirements as well as the culture of the hiring company. In doing so, recruiters are able to maintain long-lasting relationships with their clients while operating with a superior level of confidentiality and professionalism.

ExecuNet Skyscraper

Given their daily role in the current job landscape, recruiters are quite practiced at extracting and interpreting data in employment trends. Consequently, a recent ExecuNet survey shows that executive recruiters are continuing to remain positive in regards to the executive job market and its current and anticipated growth.

Participants shared the top 10 industries and functions where they expect to see the most growth as well as new clients, as seen below:

CHART Industry-Function Outlook 2018 Survey-1

While Healthcare holds steady at number one, it’s also evident that business professionals who dwell in the tech and service fields with an emphasis on development and sales are certainly at the top of their game for 2018. However, all industries and functions shown portray great promise, not just for the remainder of this year, but for the start of the next.


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