How Twitter Can Help Enhance Your Job Search

We are all aware of the value of social media when it comes to carrying through with an effective job search; especially the professional networking site, LinkedIn.  However, it’s important that those on the job seeking trail don’t neglect other social media websites, namely, Twitter.

Forbes contributor, Susan Adams, shared some useful information from Jobvite CEO, Dan Finnigan, which may give those on the job search circuit further insight into how Twitter can help them along their path.

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Spotlight your professional profile on a separate Twitter account.  Don’t mix business with recreation when it comes to utilizing Twitter for your job search needs; so if you already have a Twitter account, it would be wise to create a new one just for professional use.  Also, be sure to compose a specific, yet succinct description line that will draw in potential employers.

Follow the right people and establishments.  If you have a clear perspective of where you want to be in your career, follow the profiles of individuals and institutions closely related to your particular field or industry.  Luckily, once you begin following others, Twitter will automatically offer you even more categorically appropriate options. Continue by “retweeting” some of the relevant posts of those you follow, and in time, you will build a meaningful following of your own.

Create and post original content.  In addition to posting (or reposting) the opinions and observations of others, don’t hesitate to publish your own original work.  Have you created a blog regarding a specific aspect of your industry? Post a direct link to your blog site or location where your article can be found. (Be sure to remember the 140 character limit.) Additionally, discover the proper use of the “@ symbol”, and share the link directly with certain followers whom you feel may be interested in the subject.  Also, learning the art of “hashtagging” can help you gain more views on your content, as well.

Private message those with mentor potential.  While this may not be the easiest task with which to follow through, it is still quite an effective way to connect with those in your field.  While it takes confidence, it also offers you the opportunity to let the bigger players in your field know that you are open to prospects.  However, be sure to mention an aspect of the individual’s work that you have enjoyed or connected with, as many may ignore direct messages from virtual strangers.

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The most important aspect is to remain steadfast without expecting overnight results.  Mastering a successful Twitter presence requires a sense of confidence and perseverance. However, following these simple tips can help you expand your professional online presence beyond even the traditional LinkedIn experience.  What better time to start, than now?


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