How Is Facebook Useful In Recruitment and Job Searches?

Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users as of first quarter of 2017. With so many users on this social network, it’s only natural to assume Facebook’s advantages in seeking employment.

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What are the benefits of using Facebook for a job search?

While often and understandably overshadowed by LinkedIn as far as recruitment and professional networking is concerned, Facebook has shown to provide its own set of benefits to job seekers and employers seeking to hire top talent.

For Job Seekers

Facebook can help showcase your professional networks. You can easily highlight and maximize your professional networks on Facebook. Join group congruous to your industry to connect with others in your field. Just make sure you do not belong to any groups that that may be deemed negative or discriminatory to others.

Facebook can help showcase your work. If you possess a tangible skill, it’s quite easy to share your talents directly to your Facebook page, while also highlighting your work experience. For instance, Facebook can make it possible for job seekers to showcase excellent writing skills or marketing capabilities to prospective employers.

You can connect with companies you want to work for. Nowadays, it’s rare for companies not to have a Facebook page. By following or “liking” the page of the company for you wish to work, you can show your interest in joining their team. Inviting others to “like” the company or re-sharing a few of the company’s interesting posts will also show your commitment to the company. Just remember to be selective, and don’t overdo it.

Facebook allows you to exhibit important social media skills. Prospective employers can see how you use Facebook to promote yourself in a professional manner. This will give employers a window into your demeanor, as well as your ability to effectively promote their particular product or service.

The Facebook Marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace is a feature that provides classified listings within the Facebook forum. Think of it as an online version of your local “Pennysaver”.  Job seekers may find the Facebook Marketplace an additionally useful resource.

Freelancers can advertise on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook is not limited to consumer products. Freelancers can also advertise the services that they offer. All they have to do is choose their criteria (i.e.:  companies they want to attract).

For Employers

Facebook can help companies gain exposure for recruitment efforts. Facebook provides a straightforward way for employers to advertise, due partially to its sheer number of active users. Companies may find even more people noticing their recruitment efforts, compared to other networks. Organizations may also want to look into Facebook for Business for further marketing options.

Facebook provides employers with a diverse recruitment pool. As with most online resources, Facebook also gives employers access to a global workforce. In an age where remote work and telecommuting are becoming increasingly common, organizations don’t necessarily need to limit themselves exclusively to local talent.

Facebook helps boost a company’s image. When a company recruits through Facebook, potential candidates see this as a sign of the company’s willingness to adapt and stay current. This can help attract even more attention to your job postings.

Companies can gain more referrals through Facebook. Since Facebook is a social network with almost 2 billion active users, it is easy for companies to gain an extraordinary number of referrals through its messaging and sharing features. You can also boost your recruitment efforts by maximizing your current employees’ networks.

Facebook allows companies to establish a more personal connection to potential recruits. Through Facebook, companies are able to engage with job seekers on a more direct level. Job seekers appreciate this, and tend to prefer to work for companies that have a personal approach.

Facebook helps increase brand awareness. According to a Trustpilot study, 29%  of respondents believe that brands that have an active social media presence are more “human”. In addition, 31% of respondents trust brands more if they have conversations with people on social media, and 20% check a brand’s social media activities when they consider making their first purchase of a company’s product or service. This also applies to job seekers. They prefer the transparency of companies that respond candidly to their inquiries through social media.

The New Facebook Job Search Feature

As of February 2017, Facebook users in the U.S. and Canada could search and apply for jobs directly from the Facebook website as well as from the mobile app.

How does this new feature work?

Companies publish job postings on their Facebook page. The postings can be found in two places: The company’s Facebook page and under the “jobs” section.

When a job applicant sees a posting he or she likes, they can click on the “apply now” button which will lead to a pre-populated page with the applicant’s name, education or employment history that he/she has already made public on Facebook. They can then edit the information before sending send details as is. Users cannot upload resumés, but there is a 1,000 character text box that allows you to type a short cover letter. Just hit “send” and the information will be sent to the company through Facebook messenger.

What are the benefits of using Facebook’s job search feature?

This feature enables companies to hire people who like your brand. People most likely follow you on Facebook because they like your brand. Your followers get notifications whenever you post something on your page. Those who are actively looking for a job will know whenever you have a job opening and will readily apply for a position that suits them; or perhaps spread the word to someone else they know in the job market.

Your company will receive notifications through messages to your page. You can check your messages regularly since Facebook sends notifications whenever you receive an application. This allows you to integrate your business into Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

There is no cost. As of now, posting jobs on Facebook through your page is free.

Facebook prioritizes new features in its algorithm. When Facebook offers a new feature, it prioritizes that feature in its algorithm that determines what users see on the site. If you want to maximize exposure for your company, take advantage of this now.

It is another way of getting “likes” exposure for your organization. Job seekers who are interested in working with your company will “like” your page. Others will even recommend it to friends and family.

Are there any drawbacks to Facebook’s job search feature?

This feature may not be helpful for those seeking high-end positions. If you are in the corporate job market, there is a chance you may have a more difficult time finding suitable job postings or applicants in this forum. Since the feature is free, it may be more helpful for entry level or lower-level job postings, especially for local companies. For high-end job postings, however, there is no guarantee that people applying for top C-level roles will search for jobs on Facebook, or that those seeking to fill those positions will advertise there.

This feature is not currently available worldwide. As of now, the Facebook job search feature is only available in North America.

There is no guarantee that the job search feature will remain free. As with all free services, there is no assurance that it will remain that way, or that advanced or premium options which require payment will be added. Of course, this is purely speculative.

What should job seekers avoid when seeking employment via Facebook?

  • Do not make comments that could be interpreted as discriminatory in any way.
  • Remove photos or “untag” images that may be inappropriate. If you want to keep the images, just manage the privacy settings of your albums so that you can control who sees them.
  • If any of your Facebook connections have made distasteful comments on your wall, make sure to delete them.
  • Check the apps on your profile and delete the ones that may show you in an unfavorable light.
  • Check the groups you belong to. If you belong to groups that discriminate or are inappropriate in any way, leave them immediately.
  • Don’t post anything that you would not want a prospective employer to see.

Hopeful Statistics

Facebook is a useful resource for job seekers and employers alike, as long as one knows how to properly apply these tools. Here are some statistics that indicate how this particular social network can assist job seekers and how employers can get access to top talent:

  • The average user spends one in every seven minutes on Facebook.
  • Around 22 million people surveyed admitted they used social media to find their last job, as of 2012.
  • Approximately 52% of people seeking employment used Facebook for their job search, as of 2012.
  • Eighty-four percent of job seekers are already active Facebook users.

Facebook has evolved from a place where people can connect socially to a platform where anyone can conduct business and/or recruitment efforts.

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To Conclude

Job seekers who choose to utilize Facebook’s search and networking resources should remember to keep their professional online presence as balanced as possible. While Facebook certainly has its advantages, LinkedIn is still the leader in professional networking and recruitment.

The same notion also applies to employers.  Utilizing the varying services and benefits of several of the most noteworthy networking and social platforms will ensure that job seekers see the open roles you have available within your organization.

Our advice is not to merely use one social media outlet, but successfully maintain your presence among all networking sites for the best results.

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