Getting Ahead in Your Job

By: Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”
— Thomas fuller

SC&C Global MarketEveryone wants to be the crème de la crème and rise to the top of the food chain in their career. If you have millions of people competing with you to become the most respected person in your field and the highest paid, how do you matter? In other words, how is it possible to compete with a global market pool of talent?

In this article we will explore how to become the best, how to recognize your own talents and ability, and garner from that the necessary modes of pushing yourself to the top.


Most importantly in order to become a higher up you have to exude confidence. That’s right you have to be the most important person in the room with your manner and speech. You are the person who knows who they are, a rare find in this modern business world. You have to show others that you have the skills and talents by jumping in and getting dirty. Speak the language of your sector; learn the business acumen you need to get the jolt in your career.

Focus also on the most important things in your schedule for the week. Is it lunch with your coworker at Coney’s, or is it getting that deadline met for the most important client your company has garnered in over six months? We can all guess which option an executive would pick.


SC&C Promote YourselfNever be afraid to brag, again taken with a grain of salt. Bragging too much about your many abilities will have others soon rolling their eyes and running away from you. You have to promote yourself so that others can see the many contributions you can offer and do for the company.

Never simply assume that you are going to be promoted by your supervisors. They most likely will not be letting others know you nailed that deadline or that you worked heavily in that project. Instead, they are thinking about their own careers and what they can do with the time spent on their part. So do not be afraid to reach out with emails, phone calls and casual meetings. Maybe you know what time Mr. Company Owner is heading to the elevator, perhaps a chance encounter will give your career that bolster it needs.


Always look for ways to show your company that without you the walls would crumble. It’s called increasing your visibility. Forbes recently reported that self-promotion is the key to getting you pushed up in the chain of command in the workplace. Remember that you are a leader just waiting to blossom.

Showing your company that you can take the initiative and recognize your own value is extremely imperative. There are no simpering CEOs out there. Most of them are people that early on recognized that they have something to offer the world. Then they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and got out there. Now they entertain clients on the local green and refresh themselves daily with a smile and a pat on the back. Are you ready to take that plunge?

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