Simple Recruiting Tips for Finding Quality Candidates

A shared objective among all employers and recruiters is to find a reliable candidate who not only meets the skill requirements of the job, but is also a suitable match for the culture of their company.  However, it is this very goal that can often result in a considerable level of frustration when they fail to find someone who meets their specific criteria.

Unfortunately, an unsuccessful recruitment attempt can be quite costly for companies in terms of budget, productivity, and even morale. While there may not be one surefire way for recruiters and employers to completely avoid taking on a candidate who is a less-than-perfect fit, there are certainly ways to increase the odds of locating first-rate job seekers in today’s employment market.

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Following, is a list of simple recruitment strategies to ensure you are accessing the broadest possible range of quality job candidates.

1.  Start with an accurate description.

This first step is often taken for granted, but it’s crucial to ensure that your job listing accurately reflects the position you wish to fill within your organization. It’s common for many recruiters and employers to assume that the posting they have submitted is entirely sufficient without checking for the following fundamentals:

  1. An applicable and easily searchable job title
  2. Pertinent and relevant keywords and phrases
  3. Company description
  4. Outline of specific duties and job responsibilities
  5. Salary information (if you are not willing to name a specific dollar amount, state your methods, such as “salary commensurate with experience” or “competitive pay rates”.)
  6. Location

What should you avoid? Overly detailed and extraneous information may cause job seekers to be less likely to read the entire posting. Also, avoid making false promises at all costs. Exaggerations or overselling your company, or even the position itself, can only lead to problems in the long term.

2.  Application process should be “candidate-friendly”.

Remember that the average active job seeker is likely applying to upwards of 10 jobs per day; and if they are already employed, chances are they are trying to maximize what limited free time they have. If you create an application process that involves too many complicated hoops, you risk losing out on a significant group of potential candidates. In addition, job seekers are forming their own opinions of your company from the moment they begin reading your posting. A cumbersome or maze-like application process could possibly reflect poorly on your organization.

3.  Maintain your contacts.

Quite often, you may come across a candidate with excellent potential who may not necessarily possess the exact qualifications for the position you are trying to fill; but perhaps they appear to be an excellent match for your company’s culture. Circumstances such as these are the reason why you should include all talented job-hopefuls in your network. Continue to forward information on job openings and opportunities within your company to remain connected with all potential talent.

4.  Take advantage of social media.

We may have heard it before, but we’ve undoubtedly reached an era where utilizing online job boards exclusively is simply outdated. Social media sites such as LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter are also essential vehicles for spreading the word that there is a new opening within your company. Your post should contain a brief description of the job along with a link where potential candidates can access a more detailed review and a space to apply for the position. A streamlined professional graphic to help draw attention to your post is also recommended. Even if your immediate social media followers are not directly interested in the job, they will easily be able to share your post if they know someone who is.

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The Takeaway

In the end, it is the decision-making processes of employers and recruiters which will ensure that a bad hiring choice does not occur. However, taking the proper steps to increase your odds of attracting talented job seekers, from the beginning, is essential. Keeping your job descriptions precise, devising a straightforward application process, building valuable relationships, and maximizing online resources, such as social media, will certainly help improve your chances of a successful hire.

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