Fred Coon Quoted in Forbes Article

SC&C Fred Coon CEOFred Coon, CEO and Founder of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, was quoted recently in a Forbes article about the state of Phoenix businesses. In the article, Why Phoenix, Arizona’s Business Leaders Are Excited About 2015, Joshua Steimle writes about the proactive direction Phoenix government, real estate, and business leaders took during the hardest times of the recent recession.

Of the initiatives that helped Phoenix rebound so quickly included a “streamlined foreclosure process,” tax benefits for local businesses, a light-rail system for mass transportation, and university and college developments in the downtown area. Steimle quote Phoenix’s Mayor, Greg Stanton, “Our city is connected by a 20-mile light rail system, with easy access to the airport. We’ve cut red tape to make permit processes easier, and we’re bringing universities to downtown Phoenix for the first time, which will create the talent local companies need to grow.”

Many local business leaders and CEOs quoted in the article supported the Mayor’s position and optimism. Fred mentioned how well these policies have helped the Phoenix area:

“I think the economy here has significantly improved over 5 years ago. I also think that the current mayor and city council have done a number of great things in terms of tax base, paying down the debt, and getting it on an even keel. There is a lot of work left to do with the legislature and the agreements between the state and the city, but I think it is a very welcoming environment economically for new companies moving in, and the Arizona technology council has really contributed to making this a very viable market for technology.”

Phoenix has a growing business community that is thriving, and Stewart, Cooper & Coon has been a part of this city for many years with its headquarters located in downtown Phoenix. SC&C provides many employment services to both corporations and individuals. Learn more about their five employment service divisions—Executive Placement, Corporate Outplacement, Military & Government Transition, Organization Development, and Executive Search.