Five Initial Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

Of course, the ultimate sign of a successful job interview is being informed that you’ve secured the position. There are, however, some other — more immediate — signals that a prospective employer may be seriously interested in you as a candidate.

Here, we review some direct indications that you have “aced” your job interview.



1. References were requested.

According to, “If the hiring manager asks for a list of references, it means they are seriously considering you and want to make sure you are a qualified candidate”. Hiring a person who is the wrong fit for a position can cost a company thousands, so investing in this process is a good sign that an employer is considering hiring you.

2. You were called back for a second interview.

This is one of the most notable indications that a company is interested in you as a candidate. Interviewers who are unsure of an applicant, will tend to be more elusive as to “when and whether you could expect to hear back,” according to

3. They introduced you to other team members.

If you’ve been given the opportunity to meet with individuals not included on your original interview schedule — particularly those in high level positions — this can be taken as a positive sign. reiterates, “Bonus points if they are a president or senior executive”. When high-level employees have been made aware of your presence, it’s safe to guess that news of your skills and expertise has created a “buzz” throughout the company.

4. You were asked about the specifics of leaving your current position.

Job candidates who have made it to the “short list” can expect hiring managers to request details regarding the length of time they will need for their job transition, or what agreements may be in place with their current employer. Employers looking to move toward a job offer are keen on identifying and solving “any potential roadblocks that would slow down your departure from your current organization”, according to

5. You were asked about your salary requirements.

While it is not recommended that interviewees volunteer their salary needs during a typical job interview, if a hiring manager directly asks you the specifics of your compensation requisites, this can often be taken as good sign. Although some interviewers may be looking to whittle down their candidate list through this process, many will not bother to bring up earnings unless they are already viewing you as a top match for the position. However, candidates should at least be sure they are prepared with this information, should the topic be broached by the employer.



To Conclude

Although there may not be one definitive sign that you have landed a job immediately upon leaving an interviewer’s office, there are certainly ways of gauging the quality of your job interview. Each time you meet with a hiring manager, you are gaining valuable interviewing skills; so even if you did not acquire that particular position, you likely came remarkably close if you experienced many of the indicators listed above. Therefore, remain on track, learn from your feedback, and you should soon find yourself in receipt of a well-deserved (and well-fitting) job offer.

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