Creating Quality Online Content That Fits Your Business

There are few successful businesses that are not cognizant of one of the most popular modern marketing concepts of our day:  Creating quality online content for your business draws attention to your company, builds credibility, and helps sell your product.  However, simply being aware is certainly not enough when it comes to developing an effective content strategy, as there are several specifics to consider.  Regardless of what type of company you lead, each portion of your online content must be carefully planned and crafted before it reaches your audience.

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Here, we review the most important steps toward launching your own company’s unique online content.


1.  Identify Your Purpose. 

Before you can design your own brand of online content, you must first ascertain your objective.  Do you wish to obtain new leads? Perhaps your goal is to create awareness to your brand or a particular topic, or increase customer interaction and product sales.  Envisioning your results will help shape what your own particular online content should look like.

2.  Understand Your Demographic. 

If you lead a company that deals in a creative platform, such as music or fashion, your content will look very different from that of an insurance or electronics company.  Yet, it’s crucial to remember that even if you feel that your product does not lend itself to typically “exciting” or “dazzling” content, your customers and subscribers may think otherwise.  Chances are you have a great deal to offer your own particular niche; so be sure to speak to your audience, offering useful information that relates to your product or service.

3.  Build Your Audience.

The well-worn saying of the tree falling soundless in the forest if no one is there to hear it is a perfect analogy for businesses who release quality online content without first building a stable audience of subscribers and followers.  If you are like any other prevailing organization, your company should already have – at the very least — a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.  However, if you have been neglecting your social media presence, your number of subscribers may have fallen by the wayside, or perhaps, never reached their potential to begin with.  One way to increase your gathering of followers is by promoting your pages through sponsored posts.  For example, a Facebook sponsored post would allow you to create your own advertisement by choosing your audience, selecting your best graphics as well as a specific “call to action” button, such as “like”, or “learn more”.  Advertising your page in this manner will ensure that your company page is viewed by potential customers who would likely be interested in your product.  Researching how to create sponsored ads on various social media platforms can help you markedly increase your number of subscribers.  Email is also another way to promote your original content, but be sure to first create a permission-based email list.

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Creating the Right Content

Even if your company is regularly posting its own unique content, there is always room for improvement.  Now that you have already identified your audience, the goal is to help the reader realize or learn something new.  Call upon the most talented in your company for their expertise or hire a knowledgeable writing team. Gaining and utilizing the perspective of others within your field is key as is investing in quality visual graphics for each piece.  Your content should not only be informative, but flow in a way that is pleasing to the eye and easy to decipher.  If video content is your preference, be sure that your videos are consistent with your marketing goals and reflect your organization as you want to be viewed.  Regardless of your medium, however, it’s vital that your content is viewable on all devices and can easily be shared on all social media platforms; and do not let any content out on the world wide web before being professionally edited for grammar, facts, and flow.  Ultimately, your online content should promote the credibility and value of your company, while also engaging your audience, inspiring and motivating them to utilize your product or service.


Those who have not yet completely delved into the content creation process may find the experience quite rewarding, in the sense that you are actually creating a new way for your organization to be useful.  Those who create original, quality content – whether through text or video – are providing their subscribers with an entirely new service based on information and awareness.


Fred Coon, CEO

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