Could Your Company Benefit from Organizational Development? Here are 5 Reasons Why

Productivity and efficiency are among the cornerstones of a flourishing company. An effective away to achieve both – in addition to innumerable other advantages – is through a dedication to organizational development.

Organizational development (OD) is the practice of a deliberate and comprehensive change in the attitudes, beliefs, and values of employees for the purpose of both individual and company growth. The objective of OD is to facilitate a better response among employees along with the ability to adapt to market and industry changes and frequent advances in technology.

Organizational Development - Group of young employees

Here, we spotlight five key ways that organizational development benefits companies.

Continuous Growth

When a company engages in organizational development, they relegate to the notion of constant improvement within their business and its output. The OD method initiates an ongoing sequence of progress whereby tactics are designed, implemented, assessed, perfected, and observed. Organizational development is best described as a practical approach that welcomes both internal and external change, while leveraging that change for growth and revitalization.

Improved Communication

An increase in overall communication, interaction, and feedback is one of the central advantages of organizational development. When the proper communication strategies are in place, employees are more effectively influenced by the desired goals and objectives of the company. In fact, this general ethos is part of the foundation of organizational development. Forthright communication is also a precursor to an improved understanding of a company’s need to change. When OD is successfully applied, all levels of the organization experience open communication and the feedback necessary for continued improvement.

Employee Development

Organizational development focuses on the potential value of an individual through comprehensive employee development strategies. When employees are exposed to rewarded successes, boosted morale and motivation, along with a dedicated curriculum of training, learning, skills/competency improvement, and work process enrichments, they are better prepared to match the requirements of a company that is ready to embrace an ever-evolving market.

Upgraded Products and Services

Innovation is an important component of a company’s success, and consequently, one of the major gains of organizational development. The employee development process ultimately creates engaged workers and an environment that is both conducive to creativity and supportive of new ideas. Additionally, organizational development promotes the use of market research, consumer expectations and preferences, as well as competitive analysis which directly impacts the expansion and improvement of a company’s products and services.

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Boosted Profits

A company’s bottom line can be influenced by organizational development in an assortment of ways. When productivity and innovation become mainstays, efficiency and profits subsequently rise. When morale and engagement are increased through employee development strategies, turnover and absenteeism tend to decline, saving costs. When employees possess the expertise and confidence to create and innovate, better products and more comprehensive services emerge, increasing revenue.


It is the OD philosophy of positive change through progress, development, and aligned objectives which create a climate where perpetual improvement is not only possible, but tangible.


Fred Coon, CEO

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