What is ‘Edge Computing’ and How Will it Affect Your Business?

As we move toward 2019 and a new decade, the horizon of technology continues to expand in new and exciting ways. A vast majority of business today is — if not fully centered around the Internet of Things (IoT) — at very the least, […]

Understanding Blockchain Cryptocurrency

In recent months, we have received innumerable requests to share our thoughts and insight into a new industry that has been gaining steam and garnering increasing interest:  Blockchain cryptocurrency. It is now our pleasure to show that we’ve been listening.

The field is increasing every […]

4 Helpful Ways to Take Control of Your Email Inbox

According to a Workfront 2017-18 State of Enterprise Work Report, the typical U.S. worker has an average of approximately 199 unopened emails in their inbox; which poses the question:  How does this ultimately affect productivity?

Providing the proper spam filters are applied, an over-abundance of […]

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its Effect on the Job Market

Earliest Signs

In the 15th Century in the Netherlands, if you were a weaver, it was a manual skill you learned from your mother, and she from hers.  It was a coarse-weave you created, but it was the only thing available.  At least, that was so until […]

Six Apps That Can Help You Manage Work Distractions

How many times per day would you say you get distracted at work? Perhaps it’s 10, 25, or even 100 times. Of course, there are many different types of distractions; some are directly work related, while others may involve those social media and Smartphone applications […]