212 – Practical Resume Strategies

How should your resume be organized? Do you need a resume summary or resume objective? Should it be a functional resume or a reverse-chronological resume? What formats are most easily digested by ATS – Applicant Tracking Systems? Fred Coon interviews Frank Grossman on these questions and many more.

117 – Sexual Harassment – Accuser vs Accused

Sexual Harassment is real. Daily, accuser vs accused plays out in small and large corporations across America and in courts. Fred Coon interviews Dennis Niermann, an attorney who has adjudicated 500+ sexual harassment cases, both as an attorney and as an appointed judge. This interview candidly addresses issues surrounding […]

211 – Personal Brand – The What, The Why, and The How

A personal brand is the difference between priority consideration and being another “also ran.” What are the five components of a personal brand? When the personal brand is developed, how does a job seeker use their personal brand effectively? Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, and […]

210 – Help Me Help You – An Executive Recruiter Tells Job Seekers How To Work With A Recruiter.

Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, speaks out on how a job seeker can help the recruiter help them. Recruiters play an important role in any job search. But, it isn’t a matter of throwing a resume out there and hoping a recruiter will work […]

209 – LinkedIn: Getting What You Want From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful search tool on the planet for recruiters and HR folks. Any job seeker wishing to find a contact at a company, or wishing to expand their brand, must be on LinkedIn. This critical marketing and branding channel will afford a job seeker a […]

208 – Resumes: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The inside scoop from an executive recruiter on what they like and don’t like in resumes. The resume gives the recruiter the first impression of a job seeker’s potential value to the company. Why do so many not put their best foot forward? Andre Ko, and Fred Coon, […]

207 – How To Handle Your Termination Meeting

Your boss, or HR, calls you into their office. They hand you your termination packet. What you say and do next will have a great impact on references, relationships, and possibly your re-hire-ability. There are legal issues and management issues, not to mention severance and benefits. Fred Coon and Lorraine Beaman cover […]

206 – They Just Fired Me – Now What

What Do I Do? What do I say to my boss/HR rep when fired? What do I tell friends and colleagues? What do I say when asked, “Why did you leave your last job?” Fred Coon and Loraine Beaman cover these topics as well as fear, depression, anger, resentment, panic, […]

306 – How To Prepare For An Interview

Do service members have to spend more time than their civilian counterparts in preparing for an interview? Why? What else to they need to do that civilians don’t? An AECS certified expert with 20 years career transition experience, who is also a 13-year military spouse […]

305 – Why Training Jr. Leadership is so Important

Why Training Jr. Leadership is So Important – So many companies could take lessons from the “hip pocket” daily training the military provides to all members, regardless of rank. Corporations may with to listen to the GEMS of wisdom shared by Valerie Berube, a […]

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