312 – Learn About the “Warrior Bonfire Program” for Military Heroes

The Warrior Bonfire Program is committed to providing opportunities that improve the lives of Purple Heart recipients on their life long journey of recovery and healing, with focus on creating activity based, stress free environments that promote camaraderie and therapeutic healing. 

307 – The Best Résumé Style for your Military to Corporate Transition

Is there one particular or “go-to” résumé format which best highlight a service member’s experience? What are the main concerns an employer holds in regard to a military member’s time in service? What do veterans need to keep in mind when preparing their résumé? How […]

310 – Visualization of Commander’s Intent: Your Transition Mission — To What End?

What are the five key words you now use to characterize the vision of your own transition? What is your mission? At SCC-Military-Transition-Training-1024x680the Pentagon, if it takes you one paragraph to state your mission intent, then it […]

309 – The Value of Executive Coaching for Transitioning Military Leaders

Trade your military uniform for a business suit. Now, look in the mirror and describe who are you and how have youPodcast - Military to civilian graphic positioned yourself for high acceptance and job offers? The HR […]

306 – Veterans: How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Do service members have to spend more time than their civilian counterparts in preparing for an interview? Why? What else to they need to do that civilians don’t? An AECS certified expert with 20 years career transition experience, who is also a 13-year military spouse […]

305 – Why Training Jr. Leadership is so Important

Why Training Jr. Leadership is So Important – So many companies could take lessons from the “hip pocket” daily training the military provides to all members, regardless of rank. Corporations may with to listen to the GEMS of wisdom shared by Valerie Berube, a […]

303 – Common Interview Mistakes

Col. Ret., Carlos Perez, discusses the common mistakes that most military retirees make when approaching a job search. No service member wants to think about retiring but it is a reality of life. Well in advance of leaving, they need to consider a new vocabulary […]

302 – Translating Military Skills Into Bottom Line – JD Gilda

Transition from the military to the civilian sector is hard enough.  But, translation of one’s skills in such a way that they can be clearly comprehended by the HR screeners and those in leadership positions in the private, non-defense sector “get it” makes transition even […]

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