117 – Sexual Harassment – Accuser vs Accused

Sexual Harassment is real. Daily, accuser vs accused plays out in small and large corporations across America and in courts. Fred Coon interviews Dennis Niermann, an attorney who has adjudicated 500+ sexual harassment cases, both as an attorney and as an appointed judge. This interview candidly addresses issues surrounding […]

116 – Gen-Z – Why Should Companies Care?

They are 23-Million strong. 60% of Gen-Z seek leadership development and see themselves as future leaders. 54% of them wish to increase their technical skills, 34% want more financial skills (they are into saving money), and 30% want more education and technology development. What do […]

115 – Motivating The Millennial

Who are the Millennials, really? 1 in 4 quit now. 66% will quit by 2020. You spent money securing them. Do you really want to wast that fiscal investment? How does one manage them effectively and retain that talent. Money isn’t the carrot. What drives […]

114 – Retention vs High Turnover – Generational Engagement

By 2020, 77-Million people will be leaving the workforce. They are being replaced by three upcoming generations. Each generation varies widely in their personal goals and beliefs, their expectations of your company, and you as a manager. If you don’t meet those expectations, they go […]

113 – Converge or Collide – 4 Generations in the Workforce

Each generation is motivated differently. They expect different things from themselves, your company, and you personally as their manager. Your job is to make sure you address the needs of all 4-generations to move the company towards its own goals. Learn from this discussion how […]

111 – Leadership Challenge – Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

The Challenge of Moving Up the Corporate Ladder – There are three levels of managers. Each level requires specific skills to be exhibited before consideration for the next level. The challenges are different and the skills required for promotion vary, as well.

110 – Resistance to HR as a Change Agent

In today’s marketplace, HR plays a critical role in corporations, large and small. The resistance to HR as a significant contributor to company problems continues and resistance by decision makers to include HR in the strategic decisions remains constant, especially in small to mid-cap corporations. […]

109 – Branding Company As Employer of Choice

Senior HR executive, Eric Johnson, discusses why company branding is so important when recruiting new employees and also in retaining good talent. Eric is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, retired 0-6,  and has extensive experience in the fields of Pharma, BioTech, IT, Health Care, and […]

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