213 – Job Search Communication Strategies

Resumes are important. But, are they all you need for a proper job or career transition effort? What role does the cover letter play in the search? What is the key to personal brand integration, including building a value- driven LinkedIn profile, personal website, and other Social Media […]

212 – Practical Resume Strategies

How should your resume be organized? Do you need a resume summary or resume objective? Should it be a functional resume or a reverse-chronological resume? What formats are most easily digested by ATS – Applicant Tracking Systems? Fred Coon interviews Frank Grossman on these questions and many more.

211 – Personal Brand – The What, The Why, and The How

A personal brand is the difference between priority consideration and being another “also ran.” What are the five components of a personal brand? When the personal brand is developed, how does a job seeker use their personal brand effectively? Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, and […]

210 – Help Me Help You – An Executive Recruiter Tells Job Seekers How To Work With A Recruiter.

Andrew Ko, an executive recruiter with the Lucas Group, speaks out on how a job seeker can help the recruiter help them. Recruiters play an important role in any job search. But, it isn’t a matter of throwing a resume out there and hoping a recruiter will work […]

209 – LinkedIn: Getting What You Want From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful search tool on the planet for recruiters and HR folks. Any job seeker wishing to find a contact at a company, or wishing to expand their brand, must be on LinkedIn. This critical marketing and branding channel will afford a job seeker a […]

208 – Resumes: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The inside scoop from an executive recruiter on what they like and don’t like in resumes. The resume gives the recruiter the first impression of a job seeker’s potential value to the company. Why do so many not put their best foot forward? Andre Ko, and Fred Coon, […]

207 – How To Handle Your Termination Meeting

Your boss, or HR, calls you into their office. They hand you your termination packet. What you say and do next will have a great impact on references, relationships, and possibly your re-hire-ability. There are legal issues and management issues, not to mention severance and benefits. Fred Coon and Lorraine Beaman cover […]

206 – They Just Fired Me – Now What

What Do I Do? What do I say to my boss/HR rep when fired? What do I tell friends and colleagues? What do I say when asked, “Why did you leave your last job?” Fred Coon and Loraine Beaman cover these topics as well as fear, depression, anger, resentment, panic, […]

205 – Getting a Job in the Senior Executive Service

The Senior Service is the top position one can hold in the Federal Government, just below political appointee. Securing a position there is tough and the application and the process itself is very complex – requiring a specialist to help– someone who actually knows what […]

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