132 – Small-Business Owner Discusses Managing Multiple Generations In Her Company

What are some ways that business owners can encourage and incorporate age-diversity in work culture? What are Podcast 132 - Clock Calendarsome of the reasons that ageism in the workplace exists in the first place? Why should […]

150 – Time Spent vs. Client Service: Generational Approaches

Do younger employees interact with customers in a differently than older employees? What is the preferred Podcast 150 - Handshakestyle of communication of younger employees when it comes to connecting with clients and customers?

Listen to a small […]

149 – “Office” SPACE – Is Working Remotely the NEW Frontier?

How has the remote work environment changed the needs of businesses? In what ways are companies changing their workplace settings? What type of workspaces appeal to younger generations?Podcast 149 - Home Office Desk

The needs and demands from […]

147 – Industry Review: Auto Dealers Face Multi-Generational Challenges

What are some of the unique challenges faced by retail automotive businesses in regards to multi-generational Podcast 147 - Car_clock blendmanagement? How have these challenges necessitated working and management adjustments within a multi-generational environment?

Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, […]

145 – Creating a Cohesive Workplace through Generational Integration

What kind of issues are showing up in the workplace tied to the presence of Millennials? How should employers Podcast 145address the generational gaps that exist within the workplace? What are the primary differences between those of the […]

144 – Improving Employee Mental Health

How might mental health challenges affect work performance? Do employees at all levels present with the same Podcast 144symptoms of impaired mental health? What steps can employers take to support mental well-being in its employees? Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, interviews Dr. […]

143 – Secrets To High-Performing Multi-Generational Teams

Boomers say, “Millenials don’t… ,” and Millennials say, “Boomers feel that I...”; and the managers who must settlePodcast 143 this generational conflict are also expected to keep business flowing in a thriving company. Fred Coon, SC&C CEO, interviews […]

140 – Incorporating Mental/Emotional Health Policies to Help Your Employees (& Your Bottom Line)

Besides the obvious reasons, what makes the mental and emotional health of our employees so important in today’s corporatePodcast 140 world? What choices can employers make to support the mental and emotional health of their employees?

Hear Fred […]

131 – Multi or Intergenerational? The Key to Successfully Maintaining Several Age Groups in One Work Setting – Part 2

A collaborative ethos will always prevail, as success is best achieved with a shared objective. Yet, at a time when Diplomacy in the Workplace - Hands-on supportseveral vastly differing generations are conjoining under one central workforce, how do […]

222- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn: Inside Secrets for Recruiters

Podcast Overview:

In what circumstance do AI sourcing tools benefit recruiters? Out of those available, which AI tools are most effective for recruiting? How can these tools be implemented alongside ATS and/or LinkedIn Recruiting services?

Podcast 222 - AI graphic

Fred […]

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