Job Seekers: What Not To Include On Your LinkedIn Page

Although Facebook may be great for socializing and catching up with friends, LinkedIn is the current go-to source for promoting one’s professional accomplishments and establishing important business connections. It is also a way for recruiters to locate potential employees, while also offering hopeful job […]

Making Your Dream Job a Reality

First and Foremost

Not having yet landed your “dream job” does not indicate you are lacking in any way.  Many haven’t even identified their dream job.  Most likely, you have a clear bearing of what your talents are, and a strong suspicion about what you […]

Strategies for Creative Networking

by Fred Coon, CEO

Networking is one sure cure when your current job inspires the Boredom Blues and you want to know what else is available. You have to make an effort to make yourself available and meet some of your peers, but that doesn’t […]

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