LinkedIn Users: What *Not* to Include in Your Profile Page

Although Facebook may be great for socializing and catching up with friends, LinkedIn is the current go-to source for promoting one’s professional accomplishments and establishing important business connections. It is also a way for recruiters to locate potential employees, while also offering hopeful job […]

Professionals Share Their Best Networking Tips – Part II

In this two part series, we will be exploring several key tips and tricks from respective colleagues of industry, coming together from widely divergent walks of life and professional careers, to share their collective insights into the vital importance of this very subject. We hope […]

The Job Seekers’ Guide to Building a Target Company List

Searching for a job can be incredibly overwhelming, not to mention tedious and time-consuming. While it may be tempting to send a generalized resume to various companies in what seems like an honest effort to broaden your options as much as possible, this isn’t always […]

Understanding Mastermind Groups and Their Benefits

Seventy-five years ago, Napoleon Hill, self-help guru and author of the book, “Think and Grow Rich”, popularized the concept of Mastermind groups; or assemblages of individuals who regularly convene to discuss important issues and perspectives relating to business, or any concept which holds potential to improve […]

Seeking An Executive Role? 5 Tips for Personal Re-Branding

Employees seeking a shift into the c-level or any form of entrepreneurship must remember that that the process requires patience. Switching to a new, more demanding career not only requires tenacity, finely tuned skills and expertise, but also attention to your own personal brand. While […]

What To Avoid When Job-Hunting Over 50

It’s safe to say that in our modern world, more and more people approaching later middle age are exuding as much vibrancy and savvy as their younger counterparts in the workforce.  However, while ageism does still exist to a certain degree, job seekers over 50 […]

When is the Right Time to Perform Your Job Search?

While there really isn’t a wrong time to begin a job search, there are certain times and intervals that may present different results than others, depending on your industry or stage in life.

Maximize Your Downtime right-time-for-a-job-search-jobs-button-with-mouse-click

Although the […]

Making Your Dream Job a Reality

First and Foremost

Not having yet landed your “dream job” does not indicate you are lacking in any way.  Many haven’t even identified their dream job.  Most likely, you have a clear bearing of what your talents are, and a strong suspicion about what you […]

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