Advice for New Recruits: Should You Ever Say Yes to a Lower Salary?

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Do you always need to get top dollar? We are conditioned to the notion that it is imperative to always earn top dollar at our job.  However, while salary is undeniably important, there are several instances where money isn't necessarily the most important factor.  If [...]

Excessive Executive Pay in Spotlight, But Scrutiny Fails to Change Comp Practices

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There are few business activities the news media seem to delight in exposing as much as "excessive executive compensation." But recent research shows that these types of headlines, however alarming to public and investor relations departments, don’t change how corporations actually behave. "Most companies don’t [...]

Negotiating Salary and Job Offers

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by Linda Rolie Job seekers frequently seek answers to employment-related questions on a variety of career transition topics. The following information will help you feel confident about some salary negotiation strategies to apply that will get you the salary you deserve. Getting the compensation your [...]

Negotiating Tips

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by Deb Schmidt PREPARE — Know what you're worth both in the industry and within your organization. Determine what you hope to accomplish from this negotiation. Make sure you'll be talking to the decision-maker and learn everything you can about that individual. SET GOALS AND [...]