312 – Learn About the “Warrior Bonfire Program” for Military Heroes

The Warrior Bonfire Program is committed to providing opportunities that improve the lives of Purple Heart recipients on their life long journey of recovery and healing, with focus on creating activity based, stress free environments that promote camaraderie and therapeutic healing. 

Military to Corporate Leadership: Maintaining Equilibrium During the Transition

Military leaders who are transitioning into the private sector often find themselves facing a very specific set of challenges. Among the more prevalent involve reconvening with a society increasingly detached from the military ethos, as well as finding one’s niche within a civilian corporate culture.

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part II – Translation

Welcome to part-two of our series, where we will be exploring three primary aspects that often present the most serious stumbling blocks to service members transferring into the civilian sector.

For this, we’ll be drawing upon the expertise of six professionals, some of whom are former […]

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part I – Culture Shock

The fundamental equation of the modern workforce is a balance between marketable skills and given levels of competition for the field in question. Even those who have spent the entirety of their career in the private sector can find significant challenges in bridging this gap.

This […]

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part III – Knowing Your Value

Welcome to the third and final part of our series, where we have been investigating three prominent factors faced by former military members transitioning to civilian employment.

In examining the knowledge of experts, and most specifically, veterans who have obtained success in the face of certain roadblocks, we have discovered significant […]

7 Advantages to Hiring Military Veterans

Recently, employers in the private sector have begun to further recognize the magnitude of exceptional talents and strengths that military veterans have to offer the civilian workforce.  Established civilian business owners as well as veterans seeking to leverage their military background in the job market […]

Military to Corporate: How to Shift Your Communication Styles

The transition from the heavily ingrained military culture to the corporate, civilian environment can be one of the greatest challenges facing post-duty service men and women today. And one of the key aspects of this transition is the manner in which communication differs in these starkly contrasting worlds.

It’s vital […]