New Grads: Securing a Career After University

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your course studies: the highs, the lows, the laughs, and the challenges. Now, the tedious part begins; how do you get the career you want now you’ve graduated?  Armed with your degree, your dreams, and your resume/CV, do you […]

Employees: Why You’re Never Too Old To Learn New Skills

There was a time when the job skills you learned early on could easily, and unremittingly, carry you through your entire career. However, it’s safe to say that those days are long over. Whether you are seeking a brand new vocation, or simply looking to […]

Six Reasons Why Everyone Needs Customer Service Skills

When she noted that customer services skills are among the “highest valued job skills to possess”, Rachel Emmalee Brown, prolific author for social blog and news site,, touched upon an indispensible, yet often overlooked, central theme. “Regardless of your dream job, most positions require […]

Three Components of Experiential Learning in the Workplace

While there are two basic approaches to learning — witnessing and hands-on – the latter of the two often proves more effective in the workplace.  In fact, obtaining skills and knowledge through practicing applicable activities, rather than simply learning through lectures or the written word […]

Business Professions for Innovative Thinkers

For some people, innovative thinking is innate, while others may develop the skill over time.

Yet, one aspect that all innovators have in common is the ability to view situations or issues from alternative perspectives. Instead of creating what is already in demand, they may invent a product […]

New Jobs and Technology: 12 Occupations Created by the Internet

Considering as far back to the times when conventional jobs included blacksmithing, Pony Express rider, and scrivener, we realize that over the generations, there has been quite an assortment of occupations now relegated to the history books.  Of course, it’s only natural that improved techniques […]

Tips for Landing a Director-Level Job

Just one rank below executive leadership, lies the noteworthy director position.  Directors, most frequently, are in charge of overseeing an entire department within a company.  If you are currently in a management or supervisory position, and you wish to advance to a director-level role within […]

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