What’s New for Résumés in 2019?

For better or worse, succeeding in the job market requires a massive case of “keeping up with the Joneses”. While it is not always necessary to follow every given trend in job seeking, it is important to stay current. Incorporating some of the following ideas […]

Terms That Successfully Indicate Your Leadership Talents

Even the most experienced leaders must prove their skills to potential employers. Often, it’s not enough to simply state “excellent leadership skills” on your resume. In a perfect world, your experience should speak for itself. Yet whether you are seasoned or an aspiring leader in […]

Career Resource: How To Win Top Positions

This infographic clearly depicts some of the most valuable attributes of a quality, effectual resume that have been said to increase your chances of landing a top position, according to world class recruiters.

(Published with permission of Mike Grossman, P. Eng, PPE Headquarters)

Staying Current: 6 Tips for a Stand-Out Executive Résumé

As you may have already discovered, there is no one particular way to write a quality résumé.  We all do our best to compose and design our résumés in accordance with the preferences and insights of prospective employers, recruiters, as well as the vast array […]

The Importance of Skilled Business Writing

Why are writing skills important for professional success?

A few years ago, the editing software company, known as Grammarly, concluded a 10-year study on LinkedIn which showed that people who achieved over six promotions in their career had 45 percent fewer grammar errors in their […]

The Right Way to List Job Titles on Your Résumé

When it comes to composing a résumé, we expend a great deal of time and effort carefully wording and arranging our specific employment skills; possibly even more energy than we do on our actual job titles.  While there is certainly no excuse for failing to […]

Making Your Dream Job a Reality

First and Foremost

Not having yet landed your “dream job” does not indicate you are lacking in any way.  Many haven’t even identified their dream job.  Most likely, you have a clear bearing of what your talents are, and a strong suspicion about what you […]

Returning to the Work Force: Résumé for the Business Owner

So, you have finally and officially launched out on your own.  Hopefully you were an enormous success, and all of your professional dreams were realized.

There is also the possibility that you experienced the opposite effect, and maybe there Woman holding portfolio[…]

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