Assessing Your Company’s Training Needs: 8 Tips for a Successful Evaluation

Training needs assessments are necessary to ensure the competency and efficiency of your company.  Likewise, there are proper ways to implement a training needs assessment which will guarantee that your chosen tools are actually going to benefit you in specific and meaningful ways. If not appropriately conducted, […]

“Boss” Redefined: What Makes a Great Modern Business Leader?

It’s been said that 75 percent of U.S. employees leave their job because of issues with superiors or bosses.  Decades ago, when hearing the term “boss,” many would associate the word with a seemingly strict, or even intimidating, individual who simply gives out […]

Advice for Identifying and Managing Various Types of Employees

Objectivity is the token banner held high for business pursuits; and to an extent, rightly so. Objectivity in analyzing pros and cons is an indispensable attribute for any accomplished executive or manager. Working with people (and working with them well) is inherent toward keeping things running […]

The Employee-Friendly Way To Actively Motivate Your Work Staff

There are seemingly countless varying and even contradicting methods and theories on how to achieve a solid and consistent state of employee motivation in the workplace. The real question we’re concerned with, however, goes beyond a simple view of base motivation, and into an in-depth […]

Solution-Based Thinking: Top Traits of Great Problem Solvers

According to a Job Outlook 2017 survey of employers, the top three attributes sought most frequently in candidates are:

  1. Demonstration of strong teamwork (78 percent)
  2. Problem-solving skills (77.3 percent)
  3. Excellent written communication competency (75 percent)

At just over 77 percent, it’s evident that the act […]

Important Leadership Lessons You May Not Learn In Business School

While education is a valuable, and often necessary, component toward furthering our career-related knowledge, there’s often no better teacher than hands-on experience when it comes to learning new skills and trades. Of course, becoming familiar with the essentials of your field in an educational environment […]

Going Paperless: What It Means and Can Businesses Really Achieve It

Technology has made it easier for individuals and businesses to “go paperless”. In fact, many businesses will offer a discount for their services if their customers opt to go paperless with their accounts. Yet, what does it actually mean for a company to go completely […]

How Businesses Can Implement a Successful Workflow Plan

What is workflow automation?

A workflow plan, or workflow automation, is a series of actions within a business process that involves the use of a centralized, automated structure. These series of actions are required to attain a specific goal.

Workflow automation is a simple method of streamlining […]

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