Tips for Business Leaders Seeking Work After a Lay-Off

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A lay-off is not an experience that any employee would choose to imagine or relive. In fact, anyone who has ever been laid off from a job can attest to the feeling of helplessness and even frustration that ensues. However, in this article, we will [...]

Fear of Failure

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By Deborah Kintner One of the challenges faced by many people involves a need to cover all contingencies before proceeding with an action. While, on the surface, this may appear to reflect reasonable caution and planning, it actually can stall a person to the point [...]

Job Loss Grief – Part I

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By Deborah Kintner Although most people understand the need to grieve following the death of a loved one, few realize the similar impact of the loss of a job. Grief does occur at this time. It can lead to a downward spiral and be as [...]

Job Loss Grief – Part II

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By Deborah Kintner Post-Termination Phase Another form of grief occurs once the axe has actually fallen and you need to find a new position. Even if you have experienced the Pre-Termination phase, it is likely you will still experience this type of grief. Of course, [...]


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by Gwen Harrison, CPRW, NCRW Advanced Resumes & Career Strategies Prior to the WTC and Pentagon attacks, layoffs were already staggering in number. After those attacks, hundreds of thousands more lost their jobs. Surviving a layoff isn’t easy from a financial standpoint–at least not for [...]