8 Non-Traditional Interview Questions – and How to Handle Them

Job-seekers are, by now, familiar with traditional interview questions, such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “How do you handle conflict?” “Do you work well with a team?”

While these questions may still play a role in interviews, recruiters are becoming more and more likely […]

Tips for Appearing Confident During a Job Interview (Even When You Aren’t)

According to Rebecca Temsen; author, entrepreneur, and cofounder of the motivational blog site, “Self Development Secrets”; “One of the most important ingredients of a well-lived, enjoyable life is self-confidence”. She continues that while “[confident people] encounter the same problems as everyone else… they routinely rise […]

Interview Advice: Answering the Question, “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

Why do interviewers ask you to describe your greatest weakness?  There are actually numerous answers to this question that are often interrelated.  This potentially “lose-lose” scenario tests a number of aspects regarding your personality and mental acuity.

Why is it a “lose-lose” situation?  If you avoid […]

Pre-Employment Tests: What You Need To Know

Pre-employment tests are now coming to the fore when vetting potential employees.  They’ve been around for a long time, in one form or another, but finding the most suitable person for a position has become more challenging as employers attempt to tune their work force.

90 Seconds to a Better Interview

By Fred Coon and Ron Venckus

Here is a great way to test yourself on your behavioral and interviewing acumen.

  1. Identify a company with which you have been trying to secure an interview. This becomes your “company name” in the question below.
  2. Pretend you are now […]

Executive Success

By: Ron Venckus

Harvard University conducted a study of its top graduates over a twenty year period and discovered three areas that mattered to their success:

1. IQ
2. Technical skills (TS)
3. Emotional Skills (EQ)

In addition, they found that […]

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