Should You Consider a Career in Marketing?

Marketing Career - woman with headset_smilingThe first consideration is that only in the rarest of circumstances does a business not require marketing.  Virtually every business produces a product or a service that needs to be sold to […]

When is the Right Time to Perform Your Job Search?

While there really isn’t a wrong time to begin a job search, there are certain times and intervals that may present different results than others, depending on your industry or stage in life.

Maximize Your Downtime right-time-for-a-job-search-jobs-button-with-mouse-click

Although the […]

Boomerang Employees and Why They’re Emerging

Reason for Leaving

boomerang-employees-professionals-walking-with-brief-casesIndividuals may leave their place of employment for a variety of reasons; and very often, it has nothing to do with any type of major job dissatisfaction or less than ideal work situation.  Sometimes […]

How Employers Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap

When an employer is looking for certain skills which employees can’t deliver, this is referred to as a skills gap; and it is becoming an increasingly noticeable concern in today’s work climate.  However, there is also a certain amount of controversy surrounding the […]

The U.S. Employment Situation for August 2016

Since the analysis and comparison of recent statistical employment trends can assist us job-forcast-august-2016-blue-building-graphin forecasting what lays ahead for the country’s job seekers, employers, as well as the basic economy, here we will […]

Pre-Employment Tests: What You Need To Know

Pre-employment tests are now coming to the fore when vetting potential employees.  They’ve been around for a long time, in one form or another, but finding the most suitable person for a position has become more challenging as employers attempt to tune their work force.


Relaunching Your Career After 50

At a time when many of the 50+ demographic would have been looking toward retirement, the recently ended economic downturn has made it necessary for some to work further into their later years than originally anticipated.  While companies may be pleased to discover that they […]

Unemployment Analysis for July 2016

Considering all of the economic data reports available to us, unemployment statistics in particular, can tell us a great deal about the state of our current economy, especially when Unemployment Analysis - Office Buildingsreviewed comparatively.  Here, we […]

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