July 2018 Workforce Report According to LinkedIn (Phoenix AZ)

The purpose of the monthly LinkedIn Workforce Report is to describe the newest trends in the U.S. workplace. For easier clarification, the report is partitioned into two sections: National (offering insight into skills gaps, migration trends, and hiring across the country) and City (presenting insight […]

Recruiter Confidence Index Report: October 2017

One of our primary services has always been to provide our clients and partners with a reliable roadmap and forecast of the economic environment that lies ahead. Establishing topography of dependability and confidence is vital to the health of the industry and our ability to […]

New Jobs and Technology: 12 Occupations Created by the Internet

Considering as far back to the times when conventional jobs included blacksmithing, Pony Express rider, and scrivener, we realize that over the generations, there has been quite an assortment of occupations now relegated to the history books.  Of course, it’s only natural that improved techniques […]

How Employers Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap

When an employer is looking for certain skills which employees can’t deliver, this is referred to as a skills gap; and it is becoming an increasingly noticeable concern in today’s work climate.  However, there is also a certain amount of controversy surrounding the […]

The U.S. Employment Situation for August 2016

Since the analysis and comparison of recent statistical employment trends can assist us job-forcast-august-2016-blue-building-graphin forecasting what lays ahead for the country’s job seekers, employers, as well as the basic economy, here we will […]

Unemployment Analysis for July 2016

Considering all of the economic data reports available to us, unemployment statistics in particular, can tell us a great deal about the state of our current economy, especially when Unemployment Analysis - Office Buildingsreviewed comparatively.  Here, we […]

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