The Progress and Evolution of Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms are continuously evolving, taking on practices that extend far beyond basic executive search. Now, innovative new firms such as Cluen are working with top recruitment groups by providing them with types of software that take a more dynamic approach to recruitment. […]

Hiring Manager or Recruiter: Knowing Your Interview Audience

Your resume and cover letter have been perfected and fine-tuned; your choice of apparel is clean, pressed, and ready to go; you have even taken the extra step to research the details of the company. Today you are interviewing for a much anticipated opportunity, and […]

Job Seekers: Four Ways to Stand Out to Your Recruiter

When working with a recruiter, it’s common for job seekers to assume they can finally relax and allow their consultant handle all the work. While recruiters carry quite a hefty load of responsibilities to assure a successful matching of candidates and companies, there are certain […]

Research Strategies of Retained Executive Search Firms

Two Strategies

In the final analysis, there are two schools of thought on identifying executive candidates.  You can go the traditional route and use the bulk of public resources which have successful helped fill conventional positions; or, you can go the private route, staying out of […]

What Are Passive Candidates and Why Should Recruiters Pay Attention?

While active job candidates are consistently expending effort toward gaining employment by answering job ads, reaching out to network contacts, and sending resumes to employers, it is the passive candidates who – although already employed and generally satisfied with their positions – would be willing […]

Understanding Retained Executive Search Practices

There are a wide variety of recruitment firms, encompassing a vast gamut of talent and echelon. From the more basic levels of talent acquisition firms comes the term “Headhunting”, though the term is less pertinent to high level business. Within areas of more prominent, highly […]

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