6 Common Workplace Concerns and Solutions

In the U.S., the average work-week is approximately 40 hours. Most employees take a few holidays every year, but did you know that around 30 percent of our life is spent in the workplace? Given the vast amount of time we spend at our jobs, […]

Finding the Balance in Mandatory Overtime

If you are a non-exempt employee who has worked beyond your decided weekly hours, those added hours are considered overtime; and are to be compensated at a higher rate than your regular hours.

At some point in your career, you will likely find yourself working overtime […]

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Jobs that Require Travel

In the old days, travel was deemed to be dangerous and largely unnecessary.  Most people lived their entire lives within 10 miles of where they were born.  Those who ventured more than 25 miles from home were decidedly well-traveled.  It was a supremely resilient group […]

Five Aspects to Consider When Relocating for Your Job

Starting a new job can be stressful — as can moving to a new home — but when that new job you are starting requires you to relocate, the pressure can increase tenfold. There are usually a myriad of aspects to consider before accepting any new job, […]

Boomerang Employees and Why They’re Emerging

Reason for Leaving

boomerang-employees-professionals-walking-with-brief-casesIndividuals may leave their place of employment for a variety of reasons; and very often, it has nothing to do with any type of major job dissatisfaction or less than ideal work situation.  Sometimes […]

When and How to Request a Salary Increase

Even when you know your job performance has well exceeded your boss’s expectations, and has even progressed past its original description, it does not necessarily mean it is Requesting Salary Increase_dollar bills with arrow showing increasethe ideal time […]

Unemployment Analysis for July 2016

Considering all of the economic data reports available to us, unemployment statistics in particular, can tell us a great deal about the state of our current economy, especially when Unemployment Analysis - Office Buildingsreviewed comparatively.  Here, we […]

How to thrive in work after 40 despite challenging times

by Craig Nathanson

A challenging time

Last year was a year of financial turmoil in which millions of people around the world have seen their retirement nest eggs shrink, and their houses decrease in value. For many, a generalized anxiety about […]

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