Business Restructure: Team vs. Individual Performance

The Shift to Team-Based Thinking

With technology comes change, and one of the greatest alterations in the workforce is the method in which employees are working with one another. In light of the global culture that has swept the corporate world, many organizations have chosen to […]

How Businesses Can Implement a Successful Workflow Plan

What is workflow automation?

A workflow plan, or workflow automation, is a series of actions within a business process that involves the use of a centralized, automated structure. These series of actions are required to attain a specific goal.

Workflow automation is a simple method of streamlining […]

Role Redefined: Chief Data Officer

According to IT research and advisory company, Gartner, approximately 90 percent of large organizations will have a Chief Data Officer by the year 2019.

What is a Chief Data Officer?

A Chief Data Officer (or CDO) is a senior executive responsible for a company’s data, governance, information […]

The Most Essential Factors in Executive Development

The Executive Development Associates Inc. (EDA) biannual survey indicates the most recent rising trends, expectations, strategies, and recommendations in executive development.

Consequently, the five most influential aspects in executive development are as follows:

  1. Addressing vital business challenges and issues
  2. Implementing technological awareness and proficiency
  3. Advancing abilities […]

Career Spotlight: Chief Brand Officer

Here, we will take a glimpse into one of the more obscure executive roles: The Chief Brand Officer.  Its decided obscurity is certainly not helped by the acronym which it shares with another role, the Chief Business Officer.

In contrast, the Chief Brand Officer (median U.S. […]

Identifying Your Leadership Style

We frequently find ourselves touting our leadership skills when vying for any type of management or executive position, but how often do we take the time to reflect upon our actual style of leadership?  Although we may take our leadership techniques for granted, increasing the […]

Career Redefined: Corporate Vice President

Here, we take an inclusive look into a powerful career focus – the office of the corporate vice president. Dignified as the title sounds on a stand-alone basis, let’s presume an open readership for the sake of exploration.

Corporate <a href=[…]

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