217 – “Your Second Act” – At 55+ What’s Next?

What might a person do in a second act that was meaningful, gave them a sense of well-being and help them financially? How are “Baby Boomers” repurposing corporate skills, working part-time, pursuing new passions or even starting a small business?

Today’s labor market is stretched, and […]

Relaunching Your Career After 50

At a time when many of the 50+ demographic would have been looking toward retirement, the recently ended economic downturn has made it necessary for some to work further into their later years than originally anticipated.  While companies may be pleased to discover that they […]

5 Jobs For Seniors Who Want to Work Past Retirement

For seniors who have retired from their main careers, sometimes retirement income isn’t always enough. In many cases, seniors begin to reconsider employment in order to remain occupied, and to continue to feel like the productive members of society they have